Oriolus Forsteni

Oriolus Forsteni “Fifty Shades of Grey”


Oriolus is a boutique audio company located in Japan. After the success of company’s first product “Oriolus MK1- MK2” they created “Forsteni”, aimed right at the 300- 400$ market. Since its launch, I was waiting eagerly to get my hands on it and I finally did. I am here with the Grey Oriolus Fosteni. Allow me to introduce you to this awesome creature!



  • Sensitivity: 111 dB/mW
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz -40 kHz
  • Impedance: 24Ω
  • Configuration: x2 BA x1 Dynamic Driver
  • Cable System: 2-pin Removable
  • MSRP: 374$

PW Audio No.5 

  • Single Crystal OCC Technology
  • Litz Architecture
  • Flexible Insulation Design
  • 4-Braid
  • 26 Awg

Testing Equipment

i have used quite a few gear to unleash it’s full potential.

List goes like this:

  • Lotoo Paw Gold (Main Source)
  • AK120
  • Audioquest Dragonfly Black


Accessories | Box

Forsteni comes with a box which can be definable as plain. The stylish Oriolus box includes 3 types of tips. Package content is a bit weak but it is enough with a storage box and various tips sizes.

  • Foam Eartips S/M/L
  • Silicon Eartips S/M/L
  • 2 Flange Eartips M
  • Cord Clip
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Carrying Case
  • Manual & Warranty Card

Design | Build | Fit

Forsteni’s material quality is a lot like Oriolus MK2, its body is black acrylic. Faceplate seems elegant in silver color under different light angles. Housing feels durable and 2-pin sockets are quite strong & firm. Do note that Forsteni’s housing is smaller than Oriolus MK2’s.

I really liked Forsteni’s fit. It is quite comfortable and it has a better fit than MK2. I don’t think anyone would have any problems with the fit.

Sound Signature

Forsteni’s sound signature is balanced across the spectrum with added warmth of the dynamic driver’s bass. Mids are not in front like its big brother MK2, bass is less deep and less. Forsteni has really good mids as MK2, with really clear and relatively back mids, vocals are joyous. It is compatible with LPG and AK120 as source. I recommend to use Forsteni with warmer daps.

Low Freqs

The most distinct difference between Hybrid and Armature earphones shows up at comparing bass performances. Dynamic drivers are wider, stronger, can go deeper and slower comparing to armature drivers but Forsteni doesn’t have slow bass despite its dynamic driver. Most of the people can define it as armature driver. it has natural bass.

It catches the emphasis in bass, passages are fast and it does not miss the details. Extension in strings are natural, beats like drums are fast and firm. Bass reactions in rapid genres like EDM or Metal are quite satisfying.

Forsteni’s speed meets the bass expectation more or the less but the amount of the bass may sound a little less. Bass is %15 rear relatively to MK2. Bass hits fairly enough when needed and does not hit like earthquake as it is at MK2. If you don’t mind the amount of bass, thequality of the bass would be very satisfying. However, it shouldn’t be recognised like bass light. Forsteni has tremendously strong and satisfying bass.

Dynamic driver shouts ‘here i am’ when it needed for EDM, R&B and Pop. To sum up, Forsteni has very successful bass regarding quantity, speed and resolution which does not presses the general sound character.

Mid Freqs

Mids of Forsteni are shrill and regarding the bass they are slightly behind. Even though the Mids are lagging behind the sound is absolutely solid body. As tune i can say it is almost natural. Vocals are clean enough sounds slightly behind. I have to admit that Forsteni is more successful with the female vocals. They sound softer. I also really like the instrument distinction. When there are polyphonic songs you can easily make positioning. All the details of the vocals and instruments are very good and musical. For the lower mids there may be I can complaint. It sounds little less but the success at the other fields doesn’t feels like it. The people who like Mid-bass very much may say it would have been more but it doesn’t sound like it is a drawback.

High Freqs

This is where Forsteni is most special. Really its performance is above its price. It’s fast, high resolution, detailed and crystal clear. The first thing took my attention is the resolution of the treble when i first put on the earphones. Treble sounds very relax, stretches adequate and highly controlled. it wont loose control in the fast songs and does not mix the instruments. Highly enjoyable at the stringed songs. It is possible to hear every piece of bell notes. Also very successful at the discrimination. Trebles are slightly shine but as I listened never encountered shining or sibilant. Besides I have to remark that it is very compatible with PW No5 cable comes with it. Different cable variations would change the reactions. Probably it wont be a good combination to use it with silver cable. I couldn’t tried that because i don’t have a pure silver cable. (Ordered PW Single Core Silver but not received yet.)


Forsteni is doing a great job with the subjects such as presentation airiness, reality

The most attention to the stage is the completeness for me. Unless there are instruments playing far away from each other, it is difficult to get an integrity. Instead of playing in a very wide area and creating far distance, Forsteni protects the music integrity by keeping the instruments in a reasonable position and putting a clear gap between the instrument and other instruments. Mid is also slightly behind, the soundstage feels like it is quite wide in the distance. The soundstage is also deeply satisfying.


Every product of Oriolus company is getting much more interesting now. After a magnificent earphone like the MK2, the Forsteni is a very good earpiece with the current build quality, sound quality and price tag.. I would definitely recommend it for those who want to balanced, slightly warm and musical sound around 300-500USD. Also PW No5 is very good combination with Forsteni.

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