64Audio U12 – Musical Unfolding

Before review it, I would like to share technical aspect and package details.

 Photo 04-05-2017, 12 52 37 (1)

Photo 19-05-2017, 15 38 50

Photo 19-05-2017, 15 39 04


12 Balanced armature drivers (4x Low, 4x Mid, 4x High)

3-way passive crossover

Apex M15 – M20 module

Impedance: 16 Ohms at 1kHz

Sensitivity: 115dB SPL @ 1mW

Freq. Response: 10Hz – 20 kHz

Noise Isolation: -20dB with apex M20 module



64 Audio Protective Case

48” Detachable Black Cable

Comply Ear Tips (S, M, L)

Cleaning Tool

Shirt Clip


Round Sticker

Apex Module


Design and Fit:

The shape of the U12 is quite soft and it feels really comfortable. It doesn’t have sharp edges. It is also, extremely lightweight, so you can listen without any pain, even if it stands for 3 hours on the ear. U12 has 12 armature drivers inside, but the housing is quite small. I like the design and fit.

Photo 04-05-2017, 14 34 25


This was my first listening with Apex technology, so I was a bit concerned about isolation. But when I heard it, I realized that my worries were irrelevant. Isolation is quite good with Comply foam. It has very similar isolation with the silicone tips as well.

Photo 19-05-2017, 15 30 19

Sound Type:

I would explain U12 with the simplest words; warm, analogue and musical earphone. Really musical and you can listen very enjoyably. U12 is a tad dark but It’s not as dark as like Um Pro30.

I would call All-Rounder for U12. All kinds of music can play really well at the optimum level. The dynamism and energy of the U12 is also very nice. In general; slightly powerful lows, little laid back mid and relaxed treble.

Photo 19-05-2017, 15 36 08

Photo 19-05-2017, 15 35 44


The U12 has smooth and relaxed treble. It is also nicely tamed. The amount of treble is very prominent than I expected. Because of the sub-bass area is too powerful. Really powerful. Trebles stand a bit more forward than the mids. It fast and it has good level of detail, but still not the star of the show. There is no harshness, sharpening or aggression. In the fast passage in the music it doesn’t lose control. Also, there is no sibilance.

Photo 19-05-2017, 15 29 15


The Mid frequencies generally a little bit lack but not too much. It stayed laid back presentation that is slightly the bass and treble and it does not lose anything from its detail. Vocals have a very analogue feel and presentation. Laid back mid presentation creates a sense of spaciousness and a wide range of soundstage. Space between of the instruments is extremely natural and clean. I especially love the guitar sounds. My favorite aspect of vocal presentation was sweet-soft vocal presentation. I especially liked the voice of female vocals more than male vocals.The U12 has warm, meaty mid. There is no harshness in the upper mid.

Photo 19-05-2017, 15 27 50


Bass is the best area of the U12. It has powerful, accented, tight basses. Although sub-bass is not going very deep, they are powerful character. The overall presentation of the earphones dark and warm, I expected to dominate the other frequencies a little bit but I didn’t find it in the sources of the music I listened to. The bass is a little bit slower in the EDM (High BPM Progressive House / Trance), but this slowness is not the dynamic driving slowness. With the U12, I always listened to the music that was like Deep House, Progressive House, etc. Because it has really enjoyable bass response and they pushes you to listen to bassy tracks. This is the best bass I ever listened from armature drivers.



The soundstage of U12 is as wide as the Apex module itself. It has a pretty big soundstage. Positioning in the soundstage is pretty good. It gives you the sense of a stage being there in front of you and when positioned properly you can easily feel like you are at the show. All the instruments come very close to where they need to be, and they can easily be distinguished. Instrument realism and dynamics are really good.

Photo 05-05-2017, 11 34 00


It is the one of the most enjoyable, favorite earphones I have ever listened to. It has superior detail and resolution. It is very enjoyable to listen to EDM. I would recommend using SPC or Silver cable if you are going to upgrade your cable. If fun factor is important for you and if you are looking for a wide soundstage, deep, powerful bass, musicality then you are looking at the right product.


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