Hifiman RE800 – Golden Age

Before start this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.



Frequency Response : 5Hz-20kHz

Impedance : 60Ω

Sensitivity : 105dB

Earphone Weight : 0.95oz (27g)

Driver: 9.2mm dynamic driver

Housing: brass 24k electroplated gold.


– RE800 Earphone

– Detachable MMCX cable

– 3 Pair silicon Tips – 1 pair Comply Foam

– Aluminium Case


Design & Isolation;

The RE800 has high quality 24K gold-plated brass body. The junction points are clean and there are no flaws or faults on the body. It feels very good in the hand. It is extremely successful in terms of ergonomics and fit. The model I owe is the current version which can be plugged into the MMCX. It’s not loose when the cable is plugged in. Its very durable and solid. The cable can be inserted into the current MMCX version unlike the previous model, so you can upgrade your cable. Visually, RE800 looks like jewellery in your hand and much more beautiful than its pictures.

The RE800 has a tiny little body and it is almost disappearing when you wear. Fit feels incredibly comfortable. Although the RE800 itself is a little bit heavy, you don’t feel any discomfort or imbalance in the ear. It is also quite comfortable with silicone and Comply tips. The stock cable that comes with RE800 also looks good. The material is soft and nice to touch. When you put the RE800 into the storage case, there is no tangling. I don’t have any MMCX cable, so I haven’t been able to experienced it sound with another type of cables. I think the right cable choice would be a copper or copper hybrid cable.

In conclusion, I liked the RE800 in terms of design, materials and workmanship.


Sound Type: 

The RE800 has crystal-clear presentation and amazingly high resolution at top frequencies. The level of resolution is unbelievably high. Especially, I would like to point out the resolution; I don’t think it is possible to buy any earphones with higher resolution in this price range. Immaculate vocals, clear timbres and nice strong bass are the best words to describe the RE800. Particularly the details and the speed of the trebles are really top notch. This may not be suitable for everyone, but the RE800 has a quality that can impress you even if you do not like trebles. Middle frequencies are a bit behind in the general spectrum but not too far behind. However, when you listen with warm sources, the bass is satisfying. Soundstage is wide as open-headphones. The overall sound character is transparent and bright.



The RE800 is one of the most detailed dynamic earphone I have ever listened and I think treble is the most special frequency area of the RE800. The amount of the treble is much more prominent than the other frequencies and these tops add clarity to the earphones. When playing music, it gives the feeling of every sound coming from different place into the soundstage. It is quite detailed and fast. It reflects all the errors and details in your ear clearly. The upper frequencies have extremely high resolution, fretless and distinctive. I can easily say that I haven’t heard any universal earphone that have better treble. The RE800 reflects every mistake of the records. If the record is clear, you cannot hear any sibilance, but if the record is bad, the sibilance is quite obvious to hear. The RE800 has its own unique tune that I have never heard before.

The treble is generally bright / shiny, but in spite of it character, it doesn’t show any unnatural presentation. Dr.Fang did a very fine tuning of the treble. If you use it with bright sources, it may be a little tiring and that’s why I recommend to use it with warmer sources. The general presentation of treble may be excessive for some users, but if you are a treble lover, this is the right earphone for you.

I would like to mention that RE800 is the most compatible with Dap’s I owe AK120 and DX200. Also, I really appreciate its harmony with Dragonfly Black.



RE800 is very musical and mid frequencies have nice level of detail but a little bit behind of the bass and the trebles in general spectrum. The lower mids are slightly recessed, but it is not bothered too much, so you don’t feel any lack of mid. RE800 doesn’t play mid frequencies that bold and meaty, so those who love that kind of mid can find it a bit weak. Actually, I was waiting full body sound and bold presentation but when I played the song, I heard clean, bright and highly resolved sound. The separation of mids are very successful. The upper mids are bright but its control is really good. Whenever I listen to the fast passages I observed it’s rarely losing the control, in my opinion it is due to the recording and sources. The vocals are neither behind nor front but its recessive in overall presentation which defining RE800 as slightly V-shape. My personal taste is to hear closer vocals but I barely find it. The vocals are a bit recessed. I found female vocals slightly better than male vocals. The reason of it is the mid frequencies have thin notes.



I am not a bass-head but the most important frequencies of a headphone are bass for me. The RE800’s bass is not so powerful as a bass headphone but it can go deep when it calls. Actually, I can say that many users are going to like the bass tone and quantity of RE800. Bass is not very authoritative in the overall presentation but as I mention before, if there is bass in the music, it is not shy to rumble. I tried to test bass quantity, listened to the EDM music and I can easily say that I am satisfied with it. Apart from that the amount of bass in popular genres is more than enough. Bass frequencies doesn’t take up much room on the general spectrum, they don’t have a negative effect on the background. Also, it doesn’t dominate the other frequencies. The speed of bass is much faster than I expected. It achieves fast passages without losing its resolution and detail. it is able to hit hard, extend and go deep whenever it is necessary. While I listen to EDM I think the bass speed is quite high for a dynamic driver but it doesn’t reach to the speed of balanced armature driver. Bass is lightly emphasis and controlled. Overall, bass level meets expectations in terms of timbre, quality and details.



The width of the soundstage is as like as an open-back headphone. In spite of the width of soundstage, instruments do not spread around, rather they can be distinguished easily. it offers a spacious concert by means of the wide soundstage. The separation of the instruments is extremely good and it is possible to position them in the track. Instruments are perceivable due to high resolution.



The RE800 has a bright presentation with wide and deep soundstage, high instrumental separation, natural and refine tune. The resolution is extremely high that I have never heard that before in this price range. The detail level of the trebles is much better than the more expensive earphones. I can say that I really liked the Hifiman RE800. Resolution and detailed presentation that should definitely not be ignored in this price range.

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