CustomArt Fibae 2

Before starting this review, I would like to thank to Piotr for this great IEM.
IMG_0500-2rHere is the technical aspects and package details.



Single Low/Mid, Single proprietary High

113dB @1kHz @0.1V

7.1 Ohm @1kHz (+-0.5 Ohm 10Hz-20kHz)

10Hz-16500Hz (+-10dB into IEC 60318-4 coupler)

Silicone or Hollow Acrylic body

UIEM or CIEM options


Package Details:

Fibae 2 Earphone

Pelican 1010 Case

Blue Soft Case

6 Pair Silicon Tips

1 Pair Comply Foam

Cleaning Tool


Test Equipments:

Lotoo Paw Gold Titanium

iBasso DX200

Opus #1

Astell Kern AK120

Astell Kern AK70



Design & Isolation;

Magnificent. That was the first word when I took Fibae 2 in my hand. Design is actually amazing. Piotr and his team had created incredibly successful design. This is the best-looking earphones I have ever had with my Atlantis. The color tone of the body changing under different lights which is very nice. When I showed my earphones to the people around me, they gave the same reaction. Spectacular. The workmanship of F2 (Fibae-2) is extremely high. There are no bubble, flaws or blemish on the body. Also, fit is extremely comfortable. Thanks to the long nozzle. Even though it was in my ear like four hours, I have never felt uncomfortable pressure in any part of my ear. CustomArt used very good mold for their universal earphone. I think most of the people will be comfortable with the small shape of body.

F2’s isolation is also very successful. It manages to block the noise out there. It generally provided adequate insulation with silicon tips which I like. With Comply tips the isolation is a bit better but I prefer to use it with silicon tips. In general, I am assigning really high score for the F2 in terms of design, workmanship and fit.


Sound Type:

The F2 has warm, thick sound character and it has slightly forward midrange. Low frequencies are quite strong. Trebles are very separable although strong bass and forward midrange. I wasn’t hoping so much technical capacity for the F2 because of general opinion, I thought that the resolution and technical capacity with few drivers would be unsatisfying, but it is not. The F2 is more capable and better than many multi-driver earphones I’ve heard. The impressive things about sound quality is, even though it has strong bass and slightly forward mid, it has clear and prominent trebles response.

Some headphones seem not much impressive and doesn’t make you ‘wow’ at first glance but your ears get used to and like it while listening. However, there are some earphones make you fall in love at first second of listening. I feel the second one for F2. I love this earphone since I start to listen. I played my best playlist and listened with pleasure. I am very impressed by the sound and the musical quality of Fibae-2.



The trebles are not very bright in general and certainly not behind in the overall spectrum. Trebles are natural and it has quite high resolution. The general energy of the trebles is very dynamic and vibrant without harshness.  The prominent tops add clarity to the F2 and increase the details. The quantity and resolution level are very high than I expected. I have not heard from any 2-driver earphones at this price level. The trebles are not hot and it doesn’t disturb. It reaches very clean presentation at any of instrumental percussion. Thus, the trebles of the songs you listen to are becoming joyous and very musical.  The control of the treble is also quite good. They don’t lose control, even in quick passages.

I tested it on many genres like metal music to electronic music, and I still think it doesn’t lose control. There is absolutely no sharpness or sibilance in trebles. It is the same quality with any sources I have. However, I liked it the most with the AK120 and Opus #1. The separation of the instrument is quite good. I can hear every instrument between enough air and space. The sound of all the instruments played is clearly audible, even if it is in the back. I tried some SPC, silver and copper cable and I liked it the most with SPC cable.



Mid is clean, spacious and it has good level of detail which is very easily layering. Although the toning is not very accurate, I found the presentation amusing and musical due to the lower mid’s rich presence. Of course, it makes a bit concession of speed, but it is still hard to call it slow. I can say that its toning is a bit forward, warm and slightly thick note in overall. It plays the strings noticeably warm tone. The interesting part is some thick note details that cannot in distinguished in some other earphones are quite distinguishable of F2. Most of the warm playing earphones make the details barely audible but F2 is really successful in this area. It keeps the detail and resolution level quite good.

The vocal presentation of earphones is a bit forward. It is possible to feel instruments voices is front. Vocals are front of the instruments but its not dominating the instruments. My personal preference is a bit forward vocal and that’s why I really like F2. Vocals are smooth and clear. I listened to Rebecca Pidgeon – Spanish Harlem that comes with the AK120 and I liked very much. It’s smooth and mellow. I like the both female and male vocals. It is really joyous to listen to the vocals with F2. Its vocal presentation is emotional due to the forward mid, velvet tone and textured presence. Lower mid are more dominant as quantity. So, I recommend to use it with SPC or silver cables because of the condensation in the mid area.



F2 has fun signature and you can feel this with the bass frequencies. Low frequencies are natural, restrained and tight. It can go deep when it is necessary. If you listen to music at high volume, it doesn’t lose control and dominate the other frequencies. Some of the earphones can be muddy at this amount of bass. The lower frequencies are sufficiently detailed. The bass intensity is slightly at the mid-bass side.

There is a little bit roll-off on the sub-bass area, but you wouldn’t feel any weak or thin presence. if the bass presentation would be deeper it loses its clarity and speed. if it would hit shorter it can lose the body in overall presentation. So, the current tuning is substantially great. The separation and resolution level are quite good, they do not interfere with, even if recording is fast. It doesn’t become muddy or swallow the details. Some of the armature-type earphones I’ve heard are lacking in impact and It has relatively dry in the bass area. Bass is not on bass-head level, but it Is enough to satisfy for listeners who like bass.



Soundstage is not one of the widest or tallest one, but it is quite good both in width and depth. At first listening you don’t realise the soundstage width well, but it is actually quite wide after couple of hours listening. It is airy and there is an enough space between instruments. It is quite easy to make distinction between the instruments while listening to music. I listened mostly EDM but I also tried with the classical music which F2 feels airy. Vocal presence is forward than the instruments in the soundstage. The background is very clean and dark, so it doesn’t mess up.



Fibae 2 & Atlantis

They are in the same price range but their sound characters are totally different. The Atlantis is flat and slightly warm side, while the F2 is more musical and it has more mid-centric presentation. The body qualities are very similar and both their design are beautiful. They are almost same in terms of comfort and fit. But Atlantis is a little bit more isolated.

F2 has a slightly darker tone and narrower soundstage. Atlantis has better resolution but the difference is not so significant. F2 has more authoritative bass presence than the Atlantis but Atlantis is one step ahead of speed and control. In the trebles Atlantis is doing a better job in terms of quantity and resolution, but it doesn’t mean that F2 be destitute of resolution. While the Atlantis has flatter and technical sound character, the F2 is much more musical and has fun sound signature. In Mid frequencies, F2 is more satisfying with its textured and emotional presentation.


Fibae 2 & Noble X

F2 has better isolation than Noble X and it is also more comfortable than the X. Some users might have trouble with the Noble X due to its untraditional fit.

Noble-X is a very good earphone with its price tag, but when compared to the F2, the F2 is a better earphone than the Noble X in every sense. The lower frequencies of the Noble-X are larger, darker and deeper, but compare to F2, Noble-X sound has veiled and lower-resolution. F2 is much more successful in overall control of the bass. In Mid frequencies, Noble X has a laid back and slightly veiled presentation than the F2. Mid’s resolution, clarity and vocal presence are one step ahead. Also, vocal performance is better and more emotional than the Noble-X. In the treble region, F2 is better than the Noble-X in terms of separation, resolution and quantity of treble. Both Noble-X, F2 soundstage are similar but F2 has better depth.



F2, earphone that I enjoyed very much when I listened first. I played it with all of my daps and it harmonized quite well. From the lower to the upper frequencies, they are extremely good at this price range. I would prefer it compare to the higher cost multi-driver earphones that I have ever listened. There is a driver war these days and don’t be mistaken about F2. The F2 is a masterfully tuned earphone that offers high technical and musical quality with only its 2 drivers without concession. Quality of material, workmanship and wide choice of personalization definitely should not be ignored in this price range.


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