Campfire Vega

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details. Also, I am so thankful to Ken for giving me this opportunity.



5Hz–22 kHz Frequency Response

102 dB SPL/mW Sensitivity

17.5 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance

Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections

Liquid Alloy Metal Shell

Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon Diaphram Dynamic Driver


Package Details:

Authentic Campfire Audio Earphone Packaging

Leather Case

Campfire Vega earphone

SPINFIT Tips (xs/s/m/l)

Campfire Audio Marshmallow Tips (s/m/l)

Silicon Earphone Tips (s/m/l)

Campfire Audio Lapel Pin

Cleaning Tool


Test Equipment:

Lotoo Paw Gold Titanium

Opus #1

Astell Kern AK120




Package, Design & Isolation;

Campfire Vega comes with a small box, same as Andromeda but different printing colors. The box is not luxurious, but it’s minimalistic and it creates premium expectation when you unbox it, you understand that you see something nice. There are many tips in the package. There are Marshmallow tips, Spinfit and leather case inside the box. I can say that I have found the package content quite good.

Vega’s body is quite compact and ergonomic. When you wear it properly, it disappears in the ear and you can listen for long hours without discomfort. Vega has MMCX type connectors as other Campfire models. Sockets feel very strong and rigid, they are able to rotate 360 degrees. Vega has only one-color option which is aluminum that looks good to me. Also, it’s beautiful than the pictures.

Vega has a good isolation with marshmallow tips, but when you use it with SpinFit, the isolation is slightly weaker.



Sound Type:

Vega has a V-type sound character in general and an organic sound presentation. The presentation is detailed and it has a fan sound signature. As you might expect that Vega’s low frequencies are the most beautiful frequency of all frequencies. Probably it has the best bass I’ve heard from an IEM until this time. Vega has sub-bass that are full-bodied and it goes deeper. It does not exaggerate the sound to muffle, additionally it plays a little bit thick notes.

Bass is although being so strong, it deserves to be at the high end class with high frequency.




Despite Vega’s huge bass, it has quite prominent upper frequencies. Besides, it has a natural timbre inside the atmosphere that can be counted as dark. It’s also the point that many other bass-head earphones are differentiated. Since many bass-head earphones bass dominate the other frequencies so it reduces the technical success of the earphones. However, Vega does not dominate other frequencies whilst it is very strong and performs a successful technical skill in this sense. The trebles are musical, natural and detailed, slightly bright. Absolutely not aggressive and not unnatural. It has great extension and sparkle. Upper frequencies are grain, controlled well. The level of micro detail and transparency is also quite high. The speed of the upper frequencies is sufficient for metal music, so you do not feel a lack of quantity. There is no sibilance or shine, but you should still pay attention to the cables and source combination used with Vega.




Vega has a mid-presentation that does not disappearing with the impact of the huge bass and prominent trebles, and it is not metallicized. However, there is some amount of coloration due to the effect of the general presentation. Mids are extremely smooth and clean. Mid is slightly laid back in the overall frequencies, and we understand that the Vega has V-shape signature. It’s resolution is not extremely high, but they are detailed, not tiring, and it is very tittuppy.

The Mid frequencies have relaxed presentation that is created by the upper and lower frequencies that are positioned backwards on the wide stage. As the stage is wide, it feels like the mid frequencies are positioning in a wide area. Vega is not mid-focused, so the vocal does not feel like singing in your face.

The vocals are laid back little bit in accordance with the general character of the mid frequencies. However, it still does not play from a distance. Overall airiness has also affected vocals. Instrument separation is at a satisfactory level. You certainly do not miss an instrument that you follow, the distance is equal to you. Even when the vocals come forward, the guitar has the best clarity to tell you the sound on your left side. The instruments are fretless and very clear.

However, I have to mention that the tone of the instrument is slightly thicker than it should be. Of course, we are not talking about an earphone with a reference-type sound character here. Mid is controlled. There is no problem like deflection, shine, and it is quite musical. Even in the tracks where the instruments are intense, many of them can be selected and followed. For this reason, small details, attachments from behind, echoes can be heard comfortably.




The bass is fantastic in a word. Definitely it is the star of the show. Vega has breathtakingly bass response which I love. When you listen like EDM genres you can hear the bass that will cause earthquakes in your ears. As Vega’s driver sends the bass waves to your ears in force, makes you involuntarily saying “wow”. Sub bass is strong and very deep. However, with the effect of the dynamic driver, it is slightly analogue.

While listening to music I said that in many parts it would swallow the vocal sound or dominate other frequencies, but actually they know where to stop. The bass does not get ahead of any frequency, but it is overfilled and almost filling the ears. The bass is definitely at bass-head level. The quantity of the bass is very good in depth and quality.

Bass can hit very different types. It can be harder or can become flat and squeaky. Sometimes it is soft, sometimes hard, it reacts depending on the music. The fact that bass character affected the overall presentation and made all sounds little bit bold. When I listened bassy tracks, I heard some mid-hump because bass can push the low mid and it causes hump, but it didn’t bother me too much. By the way it may be differ in records and source.

In the meantime, I would like to mention that the Vega can be a bit slower on some fast tracks due to the huge bass of earphones, but still the bass is so good that it has good performance.




The soundstage is quite satisfactory in both width and depth. The soundstage feels wider when you listen to the music when there is no mid-bass in tracks. The air between the instruments is very well captured. It is generally airy and has a stress-free presentation. The positioning is again really good. All instruments come from a location very close as where they should be. They are all discrete, all of them. The 3D and airiness feels good. The background is extremely clean and it does not mix.


Andromeda vs Vega:

Andromeda is different than Vega in terms of design and sound character. Andromeda has bigger body and Vega has a minimal and small design. Vega also has one dynamic driver, Andromeda has 5 armature drivers. The quality of material used is high level on both earphones.

Andromeda has an opposite sound character to Vega. Andromeda has more neutral and natural tone. High resolution and fast treble are Andromeda’s greatest weapons. The mid frequencies are relatively behind but vocal presentation is forward. Bottoms are strong but not as the same level of being compared with Vega. Actually, Andromeda and Vega are two different earphones that are not superior but only different.

Andromeda’s trebles have more sparkle and extension and higher resolution while Vega has more relaxed and smooth presentation. Mid frequencies are relatively laid back in both headphones, but Andromeda’s vocal presentation is more forward than Vega. Vega’s bass is probably one of the best in the market and its level can not be compared to Andromeda in terms of both quantity and quality. Andromeda’s bass is more neutral and more tamed comparing to the Vega.

While Vega is more able to layer in depth, Andromeda is a little wider and makes positioning better and it is more realistic. It’s hard to figure out which earphones are better, because here personal preferences play big role. But I can say that when I listen Andromeda I say it is better, but when I switch to Vega I again say that it is better. It’s very hard to decide. Both earphones deserve the co-flagship title.



No matter how many instruments, partitions in the music, Vega manages to deliver all of them at a high level of detail. From classical music to EDM genre, it’s compatible all-rounder earphone for optimum music genres. It has extremely powerful deep bass, detailed trebles and mids that accompany in the same way. Now I see why lots of people loves Vega. It may not be the dynamic driver with the right-reference tone on the market, but it is joyous and high-level detailed, so certainly deserves TOTL. I can easily recommend those who are looking for bass-head earphones in high-end class.

One thing I would like to emphasize is Campfire Audio’s price policy. The new Atlas also has a similar price tag with Andromeda and Vega. As we know most of the companies increased their price these days and I would like to congratulate Campfire Audio’s audiophile-friendly pricing policy.

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