Unique Melody Mason V3

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.



Frequency Response Range: 20-25kHz
Sensitivity: 104dB
Impedance: 24 ohms
Driver Count: 16 Balanced Armature
Crossover: 4-way Passive
Driver Configuration: 4 low+4 lower mid+4 upper range+4 high


Package Details:

3 Separate 8-Core 6N Single-Crystal Copper and Silver “Dual-Tone” cable. (2.5mm – 3.5mm – 4.5mm)
Titanium Matte or Gloss Storage Case
Warranty Card
Comply Eartips : S/M/L
Silicone Eartips : S/M/L/XL
Magnetic Earphone Clip (MEC)
Cleaning Kit



Test Equipment:

Lotoo Paw Gold

Opus #1

Astell & Kern AK120



Package, Design & Isolation;

Mason V3 package content is very rich. In the package, there are 3 kinds of dual tone cables which are 4.4mm, 2.5mm and 3.5mm. I don’t remember any earphone that includes rich cable options. I would like to mention that it would be a reference for expensive totl earphones that have cheap stock cables. There are lots of tips in the package. Also carry case is extremely strong and its quality is good.

The Mason V3 is very ergonomic and it has a small body that can be considered as small even though it has 16 drivers. The quality of material is really high. However, I will not be able to say the same things for the DB-GO module on the body. Both sides DB-GO modules are quite loose, actually I am not sure if it is a common issue or is due to the demo product I have the setting can change even with the slightest touch, as it plays in the nest within 360 degrees. This is a situation that you do not want to see on an earphone with this price tag. Apart from that, there is no defect in the body. I also liked the red body color.

The Mason V3 uses a 4-pin-like socket type like JH Audio instead of the traditional 2-pin socket. This highly secure and stable system also has Dual-Tone cable technology developed by Unique Melody. It is possible to change the tone of the sound by inserting the silver and copper parts onto the cable.

Isolation is quite successful. It is good to block out the voice, but there is a little outsourcing situation while listening to the music in quiet environment. I think the reason is about the sound module. It has a very good isolation with silicone tips.



I really like the cables of Mason V3. It’s soft and tangle-free structured, but it would be better without memory wire. Another great thing about the cable is Unique Melody’s patented dual tone feature. Two different sound characters in one cable is a pretty good idea. When I tried both silver and copper options, I liked the copper one more of Mason V3. The reason is the copper is more dominant and made the trebles a bit more relaxed and smooth. I found the silver one a bit tiring on long listening but it has high-level detail of the trebles. However, it depends on your source, but I would like to mention that I found the listening to copper way easier to listen.

The detail and the resolution level of the upper frequencies are extremely good. The sparkle and the extension are quite high. Compare to S-EM9, it has amazing clarity and sparkle in the upper frequencies, I found Mason V3 better than S-EM9 in terms of both quantity and separation. The trebles are airy and spacious structured, which makes the positioning of the instrument very easy. I have not come across any sibilance, even though I listened with my LPG. The trebles are also in good control. I never noticed any uncontrolled tones in the fast passages and multi instrument parts.

Mid frequency’s level of detail is high as the upper frequencies. If I would like to give an example from the S-EM9 again, the mid frequencies are a little bit tighter and more transparent. The instrument’s tonality is more accurate and it plays from thinner tone. However, compare to S-EM9, it is a bit thinner because S-EM9 is a bit thicker and more colorated. I have also found it very successful in terms of separation. The middle frequencies that provide pretty good separation of the instruments, make vocals listening quite enjoyable. Both female and male vocals are clear and textured.

The bass is not dominated but it has authority in overall presentation and it has sufficient quantity, but this is not for bass-head lovers, that’s for sure. The sub-bass does not go deep, but it is quite tight and strong. It mostly hits from the mid bass area. If you close DB-GO module, bass can hit little bit deeper but don’t expect too much bass. Then again, when I compare with S-EM9 bass feels somewhat slow, but it’s extremely controlled.

I am really impressed by the soundstage. Perhaps it is not an ultra wide and deep soundstage, but spaciousness and airiness provide a comfortable listening. Mason V3 has another characteristic that I really like, it is the black background. You can hear every single detail, vocals instruments distinguishably.

With DB-GO module, you can expand the soundstage and you can reduce bass or vice versa. Yes, it affects the sound but it is hard to say that the effect is radical.




When I do not consider the money, the Mason V3 is a pretty good earphone. It has the richest and the highest quality box content I have ever seen, and it is an earphone that I really like for some innovative technologies. The quality and the workmanship of the material are fascinating. The sound character is modular and can be changed by different cables. I just wish a more stable and rigid DB-GO module. The Mason V3, which I can not find any other defect, is definitely a good earphone I would like to have one day.

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