Penon Audio OS849 – GS849

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

This is the link where you can buy the both cables;



Penon OS849 Single Crystal Copper Silver-plated IEMs Cable

6n single crystal copper silver-plated cable

Made of 8% silver, the thickness is 10μm,

8 Cores, single core is 49 strands, a total of 8 × 49.

The plug contains 68% copper

The solder joints are silver –contains tin

Carbon fiber metal splitter and CNC integrated slider

Sound field is very big and very natural

Cable length: 1.2M


Penon GS849 Gold & Silver IEM Cable

8 Cores, single core is 49 strands, a total of 8 × 49.

Copper 18K OCC gold-plated & OCC silver-plated mixed braided

The plug contains 68% copper

The solder joints are silver–contains tin

Carbon fiber metal splitter and CNC integrated slider

Cable length: 1.2M




Package Details:

Wooden box
Cable strap
Metal earphone clip
Velvet like storage bag

Test Equipment:

Lotoo Paw Gold

Opus #1

Astell & Kern AK120

Earsonics S-EM9

Inear Prophile 9

NocAudio Atlantis

CustomArt Fibae 2


Package, Design & Isolation;

Penon GS849 and OS849 come with similar box and contents. When you open small box, a wooden box comes out. Inside of the wooden box there is 2 soft materials and the cable comes out of it. Extremely generous presentation. 1 clip in the box, 1 locker for the gutters, strip for the cable and the upper protection part with the shoe material again. I am very pleased with the package content and the quality of the material.

GS849: It has high quality 8 braids flat. The finish of the cable jack and pin parts are perfect and clean. The cable is relatively heavy but it does not have any disadvantage while using. It is also very comfortable to use as it has not memory wire. The cable is visually beautiful and the gold and silver colors give a premium look. The model I have is 2pin and 2.5mm, but MMCX and other options are available like 4.4mm and 3.5mm.

OS849: It comes with the same package content and presentation as the GS model. Both the material quality and structure are flawless. It has a flat pattern and roughly equal in weight. The OS849 has a silver colored cable and a black jack, v separation and pins are added to the cable design. Like the GS849, it has 2-pin and 2.5mm connection points.

Overall, both cables’ material quality and the workmanship are extremely high. It is a pleasure to see that quality products are in this price while the market prices are too high. Good job Penon!



Sound Type:

GS849: General sound character is lush, organic, warm and detailed. When I listened to GS849 with Prophile-8, the neutral character of PP8 became a little warmer and more organic. Bass relatively go deeper and mids come forward. Also, I istened with S-EM9, Atlantis and Fibae2, which those are slightly warm sound earphones, GS849 added more warmth than stock cable. Although the sound is warm and organic, it is quite detailed.

OS849: Compared to the sound character of GS849, it is more linear and relatively more transparent. The soundstage is wider than the GS849. The OS849 offers a similar sound performance to the classic SPC character. The bass are tighter and laid back in the mid region. While the GS849 is more successful with bright tones earphones, the OS849 is a good pair with warmer sound earphones.




GS849: When I listened with the Prophile-8, the trebles become more smooth and soft instead of stock cable. If I need to give an example from PP8 again, the Prophile-8’s treble is extremely high detailed and quite fast. The level of detail in the trebles became a little bit back, but it is easier to listen to. With the stock cable, the trebles can start to become tiring after a long listening, but with the GS849, longer listening can be done easily. There is absolutely no sibilance because of the warm sound character.

OS849: Upper frequencies are more pronounced and forward than GS849. Of course, this can be an advantage or disadvantage up to the earphone choice. As I mentioned above, I matched it with much warmer sound character earphones that affect speed and detail level and co-ordination also. I can easily say that the frequency extension is very good and that increases Prophile-8’s high frequency. At the same time, it affects soundstage positively. There is a more spacious presentation on the upper frequencies as the treble spreads in a larger area in the soundstage. There is absolutely no roll off in the upper frequencies.




GS849: Mid range is relatively forward and has full presentation. The meaty character stays at the same level of detail, although it offers a pleasant and fun sound character. The instrument sounds are thick and a bit bolder than it should be. If you are looking for a natural and reference sound character, GS849 may not be the right choice for you. Of course, it can be changed up to the earphone preference. Though there is not any resolution issue, but fast and mixed part of the music can be experienced in areas where instruments are used extensively. As for vocals, I think you will be quite happy if you are someone who loves forward vocal presentation. When I compare it with stock cable, GS849 has forward vocal presentation. If you like forward-mid, you can feel that vocals singing songs right on your face. I liked female vocals more but male vocals are also pretty well. It’s impressive to listen creamy voice of Katie Melua or Norah Jones.

OS849: Mid-frequencies are positioned back when compared to the GS849. The mid frequencies have extremely clean, good detail and resolution, but it’s not like the top frequencies anyway. Mids are positioned backwards on the upper and lower frequencies and spread over a wide area with the advantage of the wide soundstage. The instruments are played from a wide range and can be easily distinguished. At the same time, I can also say that the presentation is not exhausting. Vocals are more laid back than GS849, which offers a more spacious listening experience. It matched very well with my Fibae2 earphone. After OS849, general sound became more airy and detailed.



GS849: There is a definite bass increase with GS849 after stock cable. The bass become more dominant. The bass is a bit thick but it is not like the thickness of the copper wire. Sound generally fuller and bolder than the stock cable. GS849 didn’t match with the S-EM9 well, but it is matched with the Prophile-8 and sound (reference setting) was pretty good. Bass quantity and quality is great. Strings have great texturing and instruments such as bass drums have moving authority. Bass mostly hitting in the mid-bass area and it feels little bit compressing the soundstage. But it depends of your source. I felt only with AK120.


OS849: Bass is tighter and faster than GS849. The amount of bass is not enough to satisfy basshead, but still it has enough to satisfy. Sub-bass can go deeper easily and it has enough to fill up overall sound to body. Compared to the stock cable, it is obviously more controlled and tight. The resolution of the bass is also quite good. Bass quantity is pretty enough, but if you heard GS849 before listen to OS849, it may feel like amount has decreased, but it is not the case.



GS849: It has fairly wide soundstage but I liked more in depth. Positioning within the soundstage is easy to listen, but with some bassy tracks it is hard to hear some instruments. Overall, you can clearly pinpoint where sounds are coming from. Of course, I would like to emphasize again the importance of listening with the right earphone and the source.

OS849: It has quite wide and depth soundstage like GS849, but OS849 make feel a little bit wider. The locations of the instruments are positioned back of vocal and all are chosen very clearly. The instruments do not overlap between them. The overall presentation is airy and stress-free. As for the background, it is extremely clean and does not mix with fast tracks.



Penon Audio is a company that has considerable important in the audiophile sector. I have been very interested in getting new products of Penon Audio. They have lots of experience for many years. Both OS849 and GS849 are very successful cables in that price range. They have a unique sound character and it is easy to match with many earphones on the market. The material and workmanship quality are also very high and I am hoping that many cable companies will present to the same box contents. Also, both cables are more beautiful than many expensive cables. Hope Penon Audio will continue to produce more new products in the future.

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