Ambient Acoustics AM7 LAM-U

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.


7 BA drivers per ear
3 sound bores
5-way passive crossover
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 22kHz
Sensivity (50Hz): 110dB/mVt,116dB/mVt,120dB/mVt и 124dB/mVt
Impedance (50Hz): 12 Ohm
Fixing the drivers and crossover inside shells without air cavities
Package Details:

In-ear monitors AM7LAM-U (universal fit) with black transparent shells
Silver detachable Ambient Cord with sqrewthread plugs and straight 3,5 plug
Engraved waterproof case
IEM wax tool
Dehumidifier capsule
Service Manual + Warranty card

Test Equipment:
Lotoo Paw Gold Titanium
Opus #1
Astell Kern AK120
Audioquest Dragonfly Black


Package, Design & Isolation;
AM7 comes with solid black Pelican 1010 case. When you open the case, beautifully made AM7 shows up. Also, cable, screwdriver, silica gel and some tips come within the package. Package’s contents are not rich but it is satisfying. Maybe one thing is that more tips would be welcomed. When I saw the pictures of universal AM7 earphone, I was not impressed. Simple looking, black earphone and there is no fancy faceplate or shell design. However, when I received the AM7, I was quite impressed in terms of design and material quality. The pictures are absolutely misleading because It is much better than the pictures. Body shape is not same as the current earphone`s design. It is more like big bold SM-64. It is not identical of course, but both inside and outside of the shells are flat like Earsonics SM-64. I have to admit that this is a big earphone and people who have small ears might have some fit issues. My ears are average size and I didn’t feel any discomfort. I only felt a little bit pressure on my anti-helix part of my ear in long listening but that`s not a big issue.

AM7 is a quite heavy earphone but it never falls down from my ear, so do not be mistaken the shape of body. In addition, the fit is not the best but still pretty well. Another thing that I have to mention is the cable. I really like stock cable. I believe that there is no need to upgrade. Its sound is great, it looks great, it fits great. The outer material of the cable is more like ALO Audio SX8, so it is not too soft but it is tangle-free. I have only one complaint about the cable, it is microphonic. When the cable rubs somewhere else you can hear the well-known microphonic noises. You can add some earphone cable clip to solve or minimize the microphonic noise issue.

Isolation is good but not the best either. Like all the other earphones, it depends on kind of tips that you are using. I bought new Spinfit CP155 and it fits really great. Isolation and comfort is pretty good. As I mentioned before, it is not the best.

The content and design of the AM7 package had satisfied me in overall.



8 sound signatures in one IEM? Yes! AM7 has 8 different sound signatures, so I want to write about all those sound settings. AM7 has powerful bass, smooth, slightly laid back mid and prominent detailed trebles. I wouldn’t expect that much differences between signatures but that switches really work! Some of the settings are quite similar to each other but they are differing in many other ways. I always thought that these sound settings are meaningless because I used to have some earphones with those sound switches and the differences were mostly just a nuance, but AM7’s sound settings are definitely noticeable. One thing that I would like to mention is that I always thought about changeable sounds earphones are somewhat lack of character, but somewhat I feel that AM7 has some major sound character. They putted their house sound and they served with 8 different sauces. Let me try to explain.

Flat – (All switches down):
This is the dullest sound setting of the AM7. Some of the users are going to love it but this setting is not cup of my tea. Low to high, every frequency is lifeless. It is good for listening classical music, jazz or easy listening genres, but it is not great for bassy tracks. Low-frequencies are not that much as quantity. If you prefer deep and full bass, Flat mode is not the best choice. High frequencies are detailed and fast, it feels like it doesn’t miss any detail in the music. I like quantity and quality of trebles. I listened with LPG which most of you may know that highs are little bit aggressive on LPG, but you don’t have to worry, it performs without fatigue and harshness. Soundstage is airy and pretty wide. Not as airy as like Andromeda but better than S-EM9 in terms of wideness. One of the things that impressed me is the instrument separation. It is really easy to hear every single instrument’s movement in the music. I think that, AM7 is a very capable earphone in terms of separation. Soundstage is airy and spacious. Width is not the best I have ever heard, but it is wider than S-EM9 and Reborn.

Overall, this mode is very safe for almost every type of source. It is more like the boys who are smart and handles everything in the class but still not popular like the other boys.

Balanced Mod – (Blue switch up, Red and Yellow down):
To be honest, I couldn’t hear any significant differences between Flat mode and Balanced mod.  Balanced mod is tad of lively than the Flat mode and bass become a little bit prominent, it just hits harder. But I have to mention that the balanced mod doesn’t focus on having bass presence, so if you like EDM or other bass-heavy music you should have to look other mods. High and middle frequencies are almost same quantity and character with the Flat mod. Mids are not forward or laid back, and trebles are mostly the same quantity. Maybe mid notes are little bit bolder tone because of low mid bass, but overall it is almost same. I should specify that in Balanced mode, all the instruments, separation and resolution is quite high. I can hear every single instrument easily. There is nothing harsh about the sound signature which results in a fatigue free experience even with several hours of listening.


Warm + Sweet Mod – (Red switch up, the blue and yellow down):
Now things are starting to change. Probably one of my favorite setting is Warm-Sweet mode. This mod is
musical, warm, dynamic and sub bass can go deeper. Bass is right where it should be, powerful, deep,
rumbling but not overpowering. Mid frequencies are lush and effortless and feels little bit forward. Vocals are pretty damn good and silky mids make acoustic instruments shine. Very emotional and sweet tone. I am really pleased with this mode. Trebles is not the star of the show but it is not lack neither. This mode is great for EDM like music or vocal. Actually, this mode’s sound tone is very similar with Oriolus Reborn. I did some A/B test and I felt the similar sound experience. Both earphone’s mids are flawless and emotional, and powerful bass accompany to the other frequencies. Also, trebles are almost same quantity but they are differ in presentation.

Bass Mod – (red and blue switches up, yellow – down):
Mids, trebles where are you? Ok there you are, but the bass is shouting, yelling and roaring and other frequencies are sitting quietly behind of bass frequencies. Bass is really prominent in this mode. Bass lover might be love it but for me, nope. When I listening music, I would like to hear all frequencies in certain quantity and clarity which I can enjoy it, but with this bass mod all I hear is mostly bass. I couldn’t listen music with this mode, but I have to admit, it is fun to listen some bassy tracks.


Bass bass bass. All about bass.

Analytical Mod – (red and blue switches down, yellow – up)
I wouldn’t call it analytical but definitely very close to the neutral and accurate presentation. This mode is reminded me Prophile 8, not clinical and dry but it shows its technical capability slightly in musical presentation. This mode is more likely for some serious listening and bringing out a lot of detail in the songs. Every instrument can be heard clearly and it may allow you to pinpoint in music. Highs are crisp, not piercing, very appropriate. Low-end is neutral and flat, closer to a monitor type bass. The lack of bass takes some time to get used to it and it is not suitable for every music genre. While you can hear every bass note, you don’t feel the bass rumble as with other mods. Controls are adequate and not overwhelmed. This mod is most transparent and clear mod in AM7 I guess.

Rock Mod – (red switch down, blue and yellow switch up)
The Highs are good but can be a tad harsh on higher volumes but it depends on the type of song and your source. Middle and high frequencies are particularly detailed, but compare to the other modes, they come out with less details. Mid frequencies are slightly laid back, but vocal presentation is forward. Bass is very tight and loud but at the same time smooth and undistorted. Quantity is less than Dance mode but more than Balanced, Flat and Analytical modes. I like this mode but I think I never use it like the Bass mode.

Dance Mod – (red and yellow switches up, blue – down)
Dance mod is clearly louder and has bit more bass than the Rock Mod. General presentation is musical and fun. The bass response is excellent, and it can go quite low with excellent heavy bass. This is great for EDM or R&B tracks. Also this mode is similar with the Warm-Sweet Mode which I really liked. The main difference is the soundstage wideness. Dance mode feels narrower than Sweet mode and it feels all instruments are close each other. The mids are warm and lush yet detailed. Highs are prominent and
detailed too and it has good extension. Like Dance mod, I never heard any sibilance in any mode.

Bass + Dance Mod – (all switches – up)
This mod is very similar with the dance mod, except they’re are a tad more bass heavy. Bass is rumbling and it is showing its authority. It is not muddy, and actually makes some EDM sound better, but also it is not great for long listening sessions. Powerful bass presentation makes stress in the mid area and it feels uncontrolled, but generally it is handled very well. But I have to say that Dance mod is more controlled and detailed. The treble is not bright and prominent like the other modes, but it is still detailed and

It’s always great to play different tuning with earphones. Ambient Acoustics did a great job with these tunable switches. Some of the mods are very similar but there are definite differences between some modes. For example, warm mode vs flat, it is like two different earphones. You may select which mods you like, or you can set it for your sources.
I am quite impressed by AM7. This is really great earphone that you can buy in terms of price performance ratio. You will have many earphones by owning only one earphone, it is like 8 in 1 multi tool.
In short, AM7 is great audiophile earphone for those who are looking for changeable sound tuning TOTL earphone. Also, it is extremely crafted and beautifully designed.

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