NCM Audio Bella

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.




9 Driver configurations (8 balanced armature drivers and 1 10mm dynamic driver)

20hz – 20khz

Triple Bore Design

114 Db

4 Way crossover


Package Details:

Pelican like shock proof case

Soft carrying pouch

Cleaning tool and cloth

OFC ultra soft removeable cable


Test Equipment:

Lotoo Paw Gold Diana

Opus #1

Astell & Kern AK120

Audioquest Dragonfly Black


Package, Design & Isolation;

Let’s start with package details. Bella’s package and contents are quite simple. Pelican like big case has earphone, pouch and some tips. I like the velvet pouch which is good for carrying in pocket safely. It has some tips but I never get a good seal with stock tips, so I used my Spiral Dot tips. I like the stock cable. Y splitter is wooden and all cable material is quite soft, as a result it is tangle free.

Now it is time to talk about Bella. Generally, hybrid headphones’ size are larger than the balanced armatures earphones because of their dynamic drivers, but Bella is not big as other competitors. My review unit has translucent shell and black plain faceplate design. I really like the design and craftmanship. If I want to order, definitely I would choose translucent color because it is really good to see all drivers inside. Body material is acrylic, you can design your own earphones among many different design options. By the way, you can also order CIEM.

I like the body design, it is quite ergonomic and comfy. One thing that I would like to change is the nozzle length. It might be better if it will be little bit tall, but fair enough as is like that.

Bella’s shells take up room in the ear, so the isolation is pretty good. It does not have a problem when you walk on the road, but it can not block outside noises and it takes the sound of the wind. Of course, you do not hear the outside noises when volume is up. I have already mentioned that, in some of my previous reviews, isolation with comply foam tips is much better than silicon tips, but I don’t like to use foam tips, so silicon tips fair enough for me.





Sound Type:

Hybrid design earphones are getting more popular recently and I am glad to hear that some of the brands trying to move one step further in this technology. One of them is NCM Audio and their flagship model Bella. If I have to say shortly, I am quite impressed by Bella. Bella has eight balanced armature drivers and one 10mm single dynamic driver. This configuration same with AAW W900, but of course very different tuning. I’ve heard something about Bella before I get it in my hands. One thing that I read about Bella is its bass performance, so my first track was some of my favorite progressive house track. And that bass…. I am not a basshead but what the heck is that, this thing hit really hard and deep. Name of Bella do not mislead you, its name is like naive and polite but she is absolutely not. She is mostly man like women. Although huge bass quantity, mids and trebles are clear and detailed. General sound is more like V-shape but vocals are slightly forward. Mid’s tone are quite clear and tones are not thick but not neutral either. At the end, I am really impressed by Bella.




High frequencies are most prominent part of the general sound. While presenting the music, it plays from different places. It is quite detailed and fast; it reflects all details and mistakes in the music. Not tonality but quantity is same as with my Andromeda. Some treble sensitive people may find this little bit peaky but you don’t have to be afraid at all. Although there is a slight stress in the treble, it’s not losing its control. Of course, the source used here is also important. With bright sources, treble can be harsh little bit, so I recommend it to be used with warmer sources. The treble is airy, but sometimes it can lose its airiness due to its prominent presentation. I’d like to say that I’m more likely to come across in complex metal tracks and multiple instrument’s music. Resolution and details level are top notch. You can hear every single detail in the music. Cymbals, bells and any other high frequencies timbre are joyously to listen. Energetic trebles want to restrain, if you can rein, it will give you the highest level of detail and resolution.




The mid frequencies are quite clean and smooth. The detail level is pretty good and the presentation is musical. The lower mid is a bit thick, but I am not complaining because it adds body to music and superb with EDM music. Overall presentation is U-shape like but somewhat vocals are kind of forward. Not as forward as like Reborn but slightly forward. For my personal taste, I like forward presentation because it makes music more emotional. Both male and female vocals pretty well. Another great listening experience with the stringed instruments. I am quite impressed by the timbre and clarity. Instrument separation is also quite high. There is a certain gap and distance between vocals and instruments. You can position in the soundstage very easily.




Bass, all about bass. Bella is absolutely a bass monster. Bass lovers will smile when they listen to Bella. Normally when I test my gears, I always listen Jazz, Chillout or instrumental genres, but with Bella I mostly listened EDM, I didn’t care any other music genres. This earphone great for EDM like music and it perform really great performance. Bass is deep, full and punchy. Even I turned up the volume I didn’t hear any distortion, on the contrary, it is saying like more volume up. This is truly monster. Most of you guys know, Reborn is also another animal in terms of bass performance, but Bella’s bass is tad of more quantity than Reborn. Imagine how powerful it is.

Yes, bass is powerful and detailed but a little slow. This is classic dynamic driver character of course. I can feel it is forced on some fast tracks but even so it is handled really well.

Although, I find the lows are very successful in electronic music, I cannot say the same things with the real instrument music because of bold and thick presentation.





Bella has quite big soundstage and it is easy to pin point where the instruments are located. The instruments are detailed and airy and it is quite successful in terms of instrument distinction and clarity. General layering of sound is good and the feel of a 3D like sound effect is pretty good. Better than my S-EM9 and Reborn in terms of wideness, but depth, both Reborn and S-EM9 feels little bit better. Overall, I’m quite happy with its soundstage.




NCM is a fresh company and Thomas created really great line-up with his brand. Bella is the flagship model of NCM Audio and it deserves it’s TOTL earphone status. It is powerful, highly detailed and musical and its price is really great for this performance. If you are looking for powerful bass, detailed prominent treble with musical mid, I would highly recommend it.


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