Penon Audio Fiery

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thank to Penon Audio for this opportunity.

This is the link where you can buy the Fiery;



Material: 4 shares 19 cores high purity

The solder joints is silver-contained tin

Carbon fiber metal splitter and slider

Interface: MMCX, 2PIN 0.78mm

Plug: 2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm audio




Package Details:


Storage bag

Nylon case

Velvet pouch

Metal clip


Test Equipment:

Lotoo Paw Gold

Opus #1

Astell & Kern AK120



Package, Design;

This time package content has some changes. Fiery comes in nylon case instead of other Penon cables’ wooden box. Nylon case is not fancy but it’s good to have it. There are some new materials like carabiner, soft velvet pouch and cleaning brush. I like the new pouch. It is good for storing cables and easy to carry. Carabiner is another new item, you can buckle up it in your bag, belt or any other places.

I like Fiery’s material and softness. Personally, I like the semi-round braided cable instead of the flat design and Fiery’s semi-round 4 braid design looks beautiful. Cable itself is not stiff, on the contrary it’s pretty soft, ergonomic and tangle free. Fiery has 4 braids and 19 strands per core. Also, there are other connectors and jack options like MMCX, 2pin, 3.5mm and 2.5mm balanced. My cable has 2 pin and 2.5mm balanced jack. Fiery has different Y split and jack design than the previous Penon cables that I reviewed. New metal materials have full black carbon fiber pattern and there is left (blue) and right (red) indications on each side of the socket. I am pretty sensitive about microphonic issue and Fiery doesn’t have it whatsoever.



Sound of Fiery is smooth, soft yet detailed. It has typical copper cable sound character like prominent bass, slightly forward and bold mid frequencies and smooth upper frequencies. All together the vocals, the guitars, and drums are well textured without bleeding into one another. I tried Fiery with Nocturnal Atlantis and LZ A6, and I noticed improvement as advertised. It’s not a huge change, but absolutely noticeable.


Fiery mostly improved the lower frequencies and one of the things that I like the most is Fiery’s low frequencies. When I switched back Atlantis stock cable to Fiery, bass became more prominent and tighter. Bass notes are bolder and thicker, it also reaches quite deep. Fiery adds some vivid and richness tones to the Nocturnal Atlantis. Fiery adds nice slam and body on my Atlantis but it’s lost its tightness and fast character. The dominant character of the bass does not affect the balance at other frequencies, pleasing. Fiery is good option for weak bass earphones. It absolutely improved the bass region.


Mid frequencies have natural, warm tonality and overall presentation is vivid and rich. I really like warm timbre. With LZ A6’s stock cable, timbre is thin and slightly laid back, but Fiery adds body and make timbre natural and organic. Guitars and instrument sounds are more layered. Forward and sweet tone of vocal presentation makes the listening really enjoyable. Both male and female vocals are great. Detail level is also great but Fiery is adding musicality and liveliness to the earphone instead of detail and resolution.


The smooth overall presentation continues in the upper frequencies. Trebles are tamed and relaxed yet detailed. It is creamy smooth but it has also good level of details. Its timbre is natural and extend quite enough. It has good naturalness in guitars and similar stringed instruments. In some dense or fast passages, the detail might be lost a bit, but only at high volumes.

Obviously, I found the stage width quite successful compared to its price. Both wideness and depth are at a fairly good level.


Fiery vs Effect Audio Ares:

Effect Audio Eros is one of my favorite copper cables in this price range. Fiery has some similarities with Ares but they are differing in some other areas. Both cables look similar but Fiery is a little bit thicker than Ares. I am not sure Fiery is 24 AWG but Ares is 26 AWG. Both cables are ergonomic and feeling soft but Fiery is slightly softer than Ares. Both cables ARE sturdy and well made, I don’t have any complaint. Sound wise, they are different type of copper. Fiery IS smooth, warm and rich while Ares IS slightly warm-neutral and more open sound. Fiery makes the bass region more prominent and adds more body. Ares is tight and well controlled but it is not deep as Fiery. Mid frequencies are more forward and bold on Fiery while Ares is more refine and slightly laid back. Both cables’ detail level is great but they are showing it in very different ways. Vocals are great with both cables. Fiery has more forward and romantic sound while Ares has spacious and slightly distance. Trebles are more prominent and a little bit extended on Ares. Fiery IS also detailed but it shows the detail in smooth and relaxed presentation, so Ares is easy to pick the details. Both cables have improved the soundstage, wideness is better on Ares but depth is better with Fiery. Both cables are great and you can combine with your earphone up your personal preferences.


Fiery vs PW Audio No5:

PW Audio No:5 has some good place in the community like Ares and it deserves that. Both cables look and feel similar in the hand. Cable softness IS very close to each other but PW is bit softer than Fiery, but absolutely there is no ergonomic issues with both cables. Cable thickness IS similar and built material quality IS great. They both have very similar sound signature, actually very close. Both cables sound warm, rich and smooth. Fiery is maybe little bit bassier than No5 but they have the same amount of bass. Both improves bass in a good way and they add body and slam to A6. Mid frequencies have some similarities. Fiery IS more forward and smoother and it has more body than No5. On the other hand, No5 is less forward because of the lower mid bass quantity. Both cables’ vocals are smooth and forward. They are sharing some similarities in the upper frequencies; bot cables’ tonality IS smooth and warm. Trebles are extended and detailed. No5 is slightly thinner and it feels airier but still warm. Fiery feels thicker in the notes. Both cables more or less have good soundstage wideness.




Penon Audio is not a cable maker but they are releasing really good cables recently. Fiery is one of them and good alternative for its price range. Its vivid and dynamic sound adds some body and improves the whole sound signature. I like new socket and jack design of the Fiery. In this price range it is a really good cable and a very good option to other cables. If you are looking for a budget and entry level copper cable, you might want to take a look at Penon Fiery cable.

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