Final Audio E5000

First of all, I would like to thank to TK Kyo from Final Audio for this great opportunity.

Let me share the technical aspects and package details.




Housing: Stainless steel mirror-finished

Driver: 6.4mmΦ dynamic driver

Connector: MMCX

Cable: OFC silver coated cable

Sensitivity: 93dB

Impedance: 14Ω

Weight: 24g

Cord length: 1.2m


Package Details:

Silicon carry case,

Earphone (E5000),

5 pairs Final Audio E types silicon tips

Ear hook,



Test Equipment:

Lotoo Paw Gold Diana

Opus #1

Astell & Kern AK120


Package, Design & Isolation;

Final Audio E5000 comes with a simple package and contents, but it has all you need inside the box. The presentation is not fancy but everything that comes has nice quality. Silicon carrying case has pretty good design and I like it a lot. There are 5 pairs of Final E type tips that you can select up to your choice. Recently, E type tips are one of my favorite tips with Mandarin Symbio peeled. I like its sound a lot. There is a carabiner for silicon case to attach your pants, bags, or any other things. And lastly there is an ear hook for those who wants to use over the ear.

Nowadays stainless steel is pretty fashionable material in the portable audio industry. E5000’s body is also stainless steel and it has a nice sleek-clean design. As you can see from the photos, the body design is minimal and size is pretty small. I like its fluid simple design, and some what it seems pretty elegant. Although it is made by SS, it is pretty light and it doesn’t make any fit issue in the ear, especially with E-Type tips. It sticks into the ear and never moves or disconnects from ear. E5000 has MMCX connector and it feels pretty robust. Past years, I’ve had some concern about MMCX connector, but now I trust it recently. There is a Final Audio logo on the back and E5000 print is on the side of the earphone. It feels pretty solid in the hand. Stock cable is absolutely better than the most brands provide and it is beautifully made. It looks and feels premium. The cable doesn’t have any microphonic issue and it is tangle free. There is a red and black circle mark on the cable to identify left and right easily which is good. Overall, I like E5000’s design and material quality and I can’t spot any defect or flaws for them.

Fit is good enough with silicon tips and better with foam tips. Same as isolation, foam tips give much better isolation but I prefer silicon tips due to comfort and hygiene issue. Final E type silicon tips are great that provide pretty secure fit and isolation. And also, it has 5 different sizes that you can easily find the best for your ears. Isolation is not superb because of it’s in-ear design but still it is nice.


Sensitivity and Power:

Before sound impressions, I would like to tell that this is the most power-hungry earphone I’ve ever used so far, seriously. My Opus #1 and AK120 daps had hard time to drive E5000 properly, only my Lotoo Paw Gold drives it efficiently. When I listened it first time with my Opus #1, sound level was too low for my taste and I thought volume level was around 60-70 out of 140, but it was actually 92! I went like 120-130 for some reasonable sound level. Crazy… When you give some power, it is shining and shows its ability but you have to give some power for this baby, otherwise you might be disappointed when you listen with your phone or other weak amp devices, so be aware!

E5000 is not hiss sensitive earphone, I tried with my Lotoo Paw Gold and there is no audible hiss. You can use it with your source without worrying about hissing or background noises.



Sound Type:

E5000’s sound is warm, lush and sweet tone, that is somewhat reminded me the HD650. They are sharing some similar sound pattern and presentation. Overall tonality is dark and feels relaxed. Bass is pretty impressive for a 6.4mm driver. It has nice impact and body for a such small unit. Mid frequencies are lush and warm. Smoothness continues in the high frequencies. The main aim of the E5000 is to play with musical and fun factor presentation rather than detail and resolution presentation. Of course, it has nice detail and resolution but as I said, this is not the best part about the E5000. For me, the most special thing about E5000 is its tonality. Tonality is beautiful and marshmallow like smooth.


Treble Frequencies:

E5000 has smooth, relaxed high frequencies and it puts the E5000 on the easy listening status. There is no roll off, actually not even close. The highs are there but it’s slightly laid back in the overall sound. Detail level is good at this price but don’t expect super extended hyper detailed highs. The treble is extremely smooth and soft as well as the overall atmosphere of the E5000, it is also musical and enjoyable. A little more pronounced of the upper frequencies would add a sense of airiness and expansiveness to the soundstage, but I’m not sure that E5000 would have this particular tonality after that. The upper frequencies feel a little lacking in detail and resolution, but it does not have a negative effect on this delightful presentation. Crush, bell and other instrument sounds are creamy and smooth and it is far from being aggressive. The extension of the upper frequencies is good, but it’s not the best thing the E5000 does. More precisely, the trebles are not the first to remember when you think about the E5000. On the other hand, it’s not bad at all. Although it is not one of the best top frequencies I have ever heard, but it might be one of the most natural and organic highest frequencies I’ve ever listened. This is more obvious after listening some earphone that has digital and artificial highs and you’ll love the E5000’s more.


Mid Frequencies:

Mid frequencies are one of the best parts of the E5000 I believe. You feel the most emotion in music here. The naturalness of the sound and its warm sound character are fascinating. The overall presentation is a bit closer to the stage and it makes a bit colored and fun. The E5000 is a slightly dark earphone, and its overall tonality makes slightly veil on the instruments. Actually, this makes the E5000 a very musical and easy to listen earphone. Mid frequencies have quite body and I like the overall timbre. The toning is absolutely sweet and it works smoothly with all kinds of aggressive music. The instruments are thicker than they should be, but it is important to note that the E5000 is tuning warmly and musically, so don’t expect reference like sound. Although mids are slightly dark, the level of resolution and detail is pretty successful for its price. Only criticism that I can tell about the lower mid-frequencies are intense and dominant, and it has negative effect on the space between instruments. I wish it had more air between instruments. There is no peak or uncontrollability in the upper mids. The E5000 has extremely relax and smooth mid, and whatever you do, it cannot be an aggressive in this area. In the acoustic recordings, the E5000 plays like a cream with its soft character. Texture and tonality at mid-frequencies are impressive. The vocal is not very close in the scene and it plays with a relaxed and smooth presentation. Even in places where the vocal is rising, the E5000 does not show any deviation. It is not the best intense earphone in terms of vocals, but the E5000 is certainly quite pleasant to listen to the vocals. Even in badly recorded parts, it doesn’t show any sibilance or mud. Both male and female vocals make a very natural and romantic presentation due to sweet and warm tonality.



 Bass Frequencies:

Sweet tonality is continuing on the bass frequencies. Bass frequencies are soft and warm in tone. Despite the 6.4mm dynamic drive, the number of basses is surprisingly good. This is where the dynamic driver shows its ability and I think dynamic drivers are the best for bass frequencies, and other drivers can’t match in this regard. And Final Audio wanted to use this advantage till the end. The E5000 has quite body in both bass and lower mid-lows, and it’s definitely not a weak earphone. It is clean, natural and it can reach deep enough and does not exaggerate the sound. I would also like to say that the E5000 is still quite powerful in the bass, but still not at a bass-head level. Basses are lightly boomy and it may lose its speed and it might be uncontrolled in some fast passages, but it is still not possible to call it slow. I don’t know if it is technically correct, but I think it has an effect on the fact that the driver is not too slow. The bass comes from a large area and the hits are soft and sweet. I would say this is similar to the IE800 in terms of tonality. It doesn’t miss the hits in busy instrumented tracks. The tonality of the bass is not artificial, on the contrary it is natural and organic which affects directly the general character of the earphone. Bass hits can be played not only in a single tone, but also it can play different type of hit strokes according to the drum or bass in the music. Although it does not offer a very high resolution, it is very successful with its warm and natural tones. If I have to evaluate the basses and the mid frequencies all together, this is the most natural and delicious tonality I’ve ever heard and it makes the E5000 a very special earphone. I like the naturalness of the strikes on the bass guitar and stringed instruments.



The soundstage has a very natural width and there is no artificial wideness. Overall, the stage is airy and the coherence within the scene is good. Although it has a dark presentation, the E5000 does not create a claustrophobic atmosphere on the stage and the depth of the stage is still good and it is not difficult to separate the instruments. Another thing that I like in the scene is the integrity. As the distance between the instruments is not very big and sweet tonality of the E5000 helps the overall integrity. As a result, you hear music as a whole and it is easy to focus music.




Final Audio is a very unique company and they are differing with their design from other companies. E5000 design is staying simple compare to companies’ other products, but I like its sleek and clean design. The E5000 deserves much more attention with its non-fatigue, smooth tonality for the entry-middle level earphone. E5000 is especially successful with acoustics, live recordings, electronic and jazz music. The most favorite part of the E5000 is its tonality. It’s really nice, it has a gentle, and rich tone. Although the company’s entry-middle level product, both the quality of the material and the stock cable are pretty impressive. Overall E5000’s lush and organic sound is absolutely great at this price. The tuning of the 6.5mm dynamic drivers is done very successfully.

I can also say that Final Audio has an incredible customer service in terms of satisfaction and service quality. TK Kyo is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. He is unbelievably helpful, understanding, and also super kind.

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