Rhapsodio SGD 2.98 MKII

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.



4*2%Gold – 98%Silver Litz Wire

80*0.1mm Conductors

Rhapsodio Silver Jack


Package Details:

Wooden outer box

Cable itself

Leather strap


Test Equipment:

Lotoo Paw Gold

Opus #1

Astell & Kern AK120

Nocturnal Atlantis



Package & Design;

Same as the Rhapsodio RDG Gen2, also SGD2 MK2 comes with that fantastic wooden box. Box is insanely beautiful and it puts SGD2 MK2 to higher place in terms of quality. It has Rhapsodio logo on the top and Inside of the box there are cable and leather strap. There is nothing to say about the package. It has top notch quality and presentation, so Rhapsodio deserves some claps here.

SGD2 MK2 has really beautiful cable, material quality and workmanship is quite high. The cable is extremely soft and does not tangle in any way. When the earphone is wrapped with the cable, the cable shape doesn’t become misshaped, it remains its position. My SGD2 MK2 is 4 braided but it can be ordered as 8braid also, if preferred. I like the semi-round braided cable instead of the flat design personally. SGD MK2 can be ordered as both MMCX and 2 pins, 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.5mm jack options are also available. There are left and right indications on each sides of the socket. The Y split part of the cable has silver and carbon fiber design. Since I don’t have the first version of SGD, I can’t compare, but I really like the quality of the overall material and workmanship of the cable. I am pretty sensitive about microphonic and I tested right away when I received the cable, but it doesn’t have any issue whatsoever.



Generally, technical performances of the silver cables are extremely good, and copper or hybrid cables are not as good as silver in terms of resolution and technicality. But the SGD MK2 is hybrid and its has pretty impressive resolution and detail for a hybrid cable. Still, I don’t call it is a detail monster, but what the cable offers is more organic and musical than the detail. Actually, its tonality is similar with PW No5, but of course it is like steroid No5. In addition to the warm and full presentation of the copper cable, SGD MK2 has also clear and clean upper frequencies. Copper cable mostly improves low and mid frequencies. And also, it has a positive effect on the soundstage. SGD2 MK2 has a generally velvety sound presentation and it has a nice detail and resolution. I think it would be a very good combination with more open earphones. I’ve Nocturnal Atlantis and it paired really well with SGD MK2. It filled the weakness in the mid region of Atlantis, it also adds power and punches on the bass frequencies.

SGD2.98 MK2 has warm and smooth high frequencies. This is not a detail monster cable for upper frequencies but it adds some beautiful tone and warmth on the trebles. There is no sibilance and harshness. Only thing that I did not impressed is the separation between the instruments. It is improving and put some space but it is not significant change and less than I expected. Pure silver cable is more successful in this regard I believe. Overall, smooth and fatigue free presentation is easy to listen. It doesn’t try to improve every detail in the music, but it is definitely a nice presentation to listen to.

SGD2.98 MK2 improves the mid frequencies, they are slightly forward and full bodied. Warm tonality is continuous on the mid frequencies. I tried with my Atlantis earphone. Nocturnal Atlantis is slightly warm and technically it has reference like sound. When I switched back to stock cable to SGD2.98 MK2, it adds more body and make the timbre organic and lush. Stringed instruments are more romantic and layered.  Vocal became more upfront and it is played mostly centered on soundstage. Both male and female vocals are great. Detail level is also great but SGD2.98 is adding musicality and dynamism to the earphone instead of resolution and details. Overall, I like SGD2.98’s vivid and rich presentation that adds on the music.

I think bass department is my favorite part of the SGD2.98 MK2. Bass is punchy and rumbly; it has great timbre and organic tonality. It adds absolutely some weight on the bass area. It increases in the amount of bass and also has a good sub bass extension. The bass is not hard, but rather smooth and soft like the general presentation. Clean and powerful hits that create a pleasant listening and does not affect the balance of other frequencies.

SGD2.98 MK2’s soundstage is wide and deep enough to listen in a breeze. It doesn’t compromise its control and spread out all the instruments in a wide area. There is not any microphonics issue on the cable.



I am really impressed by the organic and lush timbre and its my favorite warmest cable up to date right now. Material, built quality are well made and there is no flaw. If you are just listening to music and you are not a sound engineer, just go for it. This is highly musical and warm tonality cable that increase your earphones musicality to the next level.

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