Audiosense T800

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.



3D Printing skin friendly resin shell

8 Knowles BA per ear

Trible Tube system

Custom Panel

MMCX detachable cable

Sensitivity – 90db

Frequency Response Range – 5hz – 22khz

DC impedance – 9.2 Ohm

Insulation – 30db

Single earphone weight – 6.3g


Package Details:

Audiosense T800 earphone

SPC stock cable

Pelican like case

3 Silicon tips (s-m-l)

3 foam tips

Cleaning tools


Test Equipment:

Lotoo Paw Gold

Astell & Kern AK120

Opus #1



Audiosense is established 2012 in Shenzhen China. After that they’ve been released their first IEM and up to date,and they are developing new IEMs. Audiosense is focusing balanced armature drivers earpohone and they are using Knowles BA driver in their IEM. T800 is their flagship model and it has 8 knowles balanced armature drivers per unit.


Package, Design & Isolation;

Audiosense has a pretty impressive package and contents. I don’t know what is going on in Chi-Fi market, but they are making impressive products and contents day by day. T800 comes with slightly heavy black cartoon box. When open the box velvet like inside and Pelican like case welcomes you, it gives you premium feelings. Pelican case is pretty solid and it is not flimsy. Actually, it has almost like Pelican case quality. Inside the box many type of tips, T800 and cable coming out. Overall, I quite impressed by the package and contents.

T800’s design is absolutely great and Its shape is super ergonomic to my ears. Its design reminds me the QDC Anole XV in this regard, It fits like a glove and I did not notice any pain in my ears, even using it for a long time. Size of T800 is not big but not small either. For the reference, its size is almost similar with S6 Rui or QDC Anole XV. Outer material is acrylics and well made. There is no flow or bubble on the shells. I believe that there is no customizable option for T800 and it has only one-color option, but carbon fiber faceplate and smoke grey translucent color is really beautiful. T800 using industry standard MMCX connector for their products, and it looks secure and solid. Stock cable is not the best, especially compare with other brand’s cables but not bad either. There is a color mark on the both sockets to indicate left-right. Red for right, blue for left.

Due to design it provides really great isolation in the ears. I used with silicon tips and it is block outside noise nicely. Almost mentioning on my all review but, I like silicon tips and it is already providing a great isolation, but can always get a better isolation with foam tips as well.

T800 is not super sensitive for hiss, but you might hear some hiss with your source. I’ve heard with my Lotoo Paw Gold and Dragonfly Black but it is absolutely not excessive and below than the average. Just saying.


Sound Type:

Under 500$, my favorite IEM was Fearless S6 Rui, but now it has been changed clearly and my new favorite IEM is T800. This is a fantastic earphone for its price and I don’t know where should I have to start. Sub bass goes deep and it has some plenty of power… treble is surprisingly extended and it has nice sparkle…smooth and detailed mids. I’m super impressed by the sound. It is not detail monster but it is not shy to bring all the details in the music.



T800 has detailed, well extended upper frequencies and in this price, it is a pretty surprised performance. It has impressive level of resolution and all the background details in the music can be heard very easily. Instrument separation is above its price, there is a significant space between all the instruments and easy to make distinction in the music which you can imagine all the instruments placement. I’m really surprised by how detailed it is. The treble is prominent but it never becomes uncontrolled and harsh. Also, it is not sharp or there is no sibilance. Audiosense did a great job with its tuning. Treble does not give any sense of fatigue in long listening session. T800 is not the best but It is well performing in terms of speed and it is nicely handling in fast passages without mixing or messing up. Overall tonality is natural and smooth. There is no veil over the upper frequencies, they do quite clean and clear presentations. Overall, I really impressed by the upper frequencies’ performance but it would have been a much higher-level product if the trebles were a little more extended.



Mid frequencies are slightly laid back and relaxed, but there is no gap with the other frequencies. Due to prominent lower mids, it’s sounds are bold and thick and it makes sound character beefy a bit. The instruments have a natural and organic tone, at the same time a bit colored, but It is not a reference sound earphone anyway. Vocals are not forward or laid back, but they are very detailed and clean. Both man and woman vocals sounds are fantastic. Warm sounds of the mids, make the male vocals sounds a bit thicker than it should, just listen some Chries Rea songs. Instruments are beautifully crafted, and acoustic instruments like violin, oud, guitars are some of my favorites. Overall, T800’s mid presentation is smooth and instrumental music performance is enjoyable.



Bass performance of the T800 is fantastic for a balanced armature driver. It reminds me the U12 with its performance and this thing may jumps in the top 3 of the balanced armature bass-head earphones list if there is any. Seriously it hits hard, reaches deep and much more powerful and deeper than some dynamic drivers’ earphones bass. The basses are a bit much in quantity and it is dominate the other frequencies sometimes but it did not bother me at all but some people might don’t like it for sure. Although it does not have a problem to reaches deep, it concentrated in the mid-bass region like the most balanced armature drivers and hits from low mid area. Resolution of the lower frequencies are impressive which is also quite natural and soft. It is not the fastest bass but it doesn’t have any problem with the fast passages, sometimes it loses its control and bleeding the mid frequencies with the bad records or fast songs. If you turn volume up, bass become more pronounced, and is also become saturated and detailed. Overall bass performance is truly fantastic for me, and I believe most of the people will like it.



The soundstage of the T800 is quite spacious, the stage extends wider enough to prevents compressing the instruments and there is an airy presentation without any congestion. Wide of the soundstage the average and nothing special. Depth is also pretty well. The background is clean and black.



T800 vs S6 Rui:

Lately Audiosense T800 is one of my favorite iem under 500$ which its sound is really impressive. It has 8 Knowles drivers per inside and configuration is like; 2 dual drivers for high, 4 mid drivers for mid, and 2 drivers for low frequencies. Both earphones’ material and build quality are top notch, no complaints here. Sound wise, they are sharing some similarities in sound. Both S6 Rui and T800 have extended and sparkling trebles. S6 Rui is little bit more extended and it has more energy than the T800 while T800 is more relaxed and smoother. S6 mid frequencies are more laid back and it’s like dominating with low and upper frequencies. T800 mids are more pronounced and more upfront than the S6 Rui. Vocal is also forward on T800. But earphone has nice details and timbre on mids but T800 is just a bit better for my taste. It is more romantic and natural feeling. Bass quantity is similar in quantity but S6 Rui hits a little harder. Soundstage is wider and deeper on T800 but that doesn’t mean S6 Rui is narrower. It is also wide and pretty deep but T800 puts more air and space between instruments.



To be honest, I’ve never heard Audiosense brand since I got the T800, and I didn’t have any expectation of their products before heard it. But T800 amazed me very first time and I’m pleased to listened it. Audiosense T800 is gorgeous pair of earphones that offers high level of performance for such a reasonable price tag. Warm, musical and engaging sounds are beautiful and T800 can competitive more expensive earphones. I can easily say that this can be the best earphone I’ve ever listened under 500$, not only because they sound good, but also because it is reasonably cheap. Now on, Audiosense is in my radar and I’m so excited to hear their next model.

9 thoughts on “Audiosense T800

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    1. Sounds a bit bass bloated because of record I believe. Bass is powerful and dominating the whole sound and it is slightly muddy. I’ll try to listen with high-res.


    1. Thank you. They are two different earphones in terms of sound. Andromeda is much more linear and sterile when I compare with T800. Andro is more detailed and soundstage is distinguishably wider and deeper, it is more holographic. T800 has also wide soundstage but it is hard to beat Andromeda in this regard. T800 bass reaches deeper and it has more quantity while Andro is tighter and faster bass response, but it is not enough to satisfy EDM lovers. Mids are better on Andromeda but this is all about personal preferences. T800 amazing earphone for its price.


  1. I didn’t hear muddy. maybe that recording. bass is fast and enjoyable. not basshead level IEM, just very nice bass. anole vx is perfect flat sound. maybe for mastering, I didn’t care to enjoy music on it, about 10 times the price? T800 easily best I have heard anywhere near this price.


  2. Justrest, when are you going to publish this review on the head-fi thread for Audiosense T800? I really think this Is a great set of IEMs and deserves it for the benefit of audiophile enthusiasts.


  3. Hey mate, thank you for the fantastic review. Could you compare Fearless S8 with T800 if there is a chance? I’m torn between these two earphone.


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