Hifi Boys OS V3

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thanks to Penon Audio for this great opportunity. Here is the link of the Hifi Boys OS V3; https://penonaudio.com/hifi-boy-os-v3.html



Brand: HiFi BOY

Model: OS V3

Drivers: 2 Balanced Armature & 1 Dynamic Driver (Ultra-high frequency Balanced Armature + high frequency Balanced Armature + 7mm strong magnetic composite diaphragm Dynamic Driver)

Impedance: 19 Ohm

Sensitivity: 109 dB

Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz

Cable Length: 1.2 m

Plug: 3.5mm rhodium-plated

Wire: 5N OFC silver-plated cable

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm


Package Details:



Carry case


Test Equipment:

Lotoo Paw Gold Diana

Dethonray DTR1

Opus #1


Package, Design & Isolation;

The HiFi Boy’s OS V3 comes with a medium size simple carton box. Inside the box, there are lots of silicon tips, foam tips, an airplane jack, a 6.3mm headphone jack, and a carry case. Not the best quality but the contents are more than enough. The case has a fairly decent size and if you want to upgrade the stock cable it’ll have some extra room for that. The various types of tips offer a good range of coverage for catching a good seal so you won’t be needing any aftermarket tips.

My OS V3 is the red and blue version, which as you might imagine means red for the right and blue for the left. OS V3’s size is not so big but not too small either. Its shape is CIEM-like and the fit is super comfortable for my ears, and I believe most people will have a similar experience. There is a large silver HFi Boys logo on the faceplate and it looks like a candy with its double coloring. I’ve always been a big fan of translucent color earphones and love to see inside them. I’m completely sure, but as far as I can see there is no customizable color option and it’s available in only 2 color options: black and red & blue. OS V3 has the industry standard 0.78mm 2pin socket for their earphones which you can upgrade with aftermarket cables if necessary. OS V3 has 2 balanced armature and 1 dynamic driver per side and has a 2-way crossover. Driver size is 7mm and it is responsible for bass frequencies, and the 2 balanced armatures for mids and high. Overall, I quite like its material and build quality for the price.

As you’d expect from CIEM-like designs, the fit and isolation are pretty solid. I haven’t faced any discomfort and it provides good isolation with the stock tips.


Sound Type:

The OS V3 is an overall V-shape tuned earphone. Bass and trebles are more prominent that the mid frequencies. Bass is the boss overtaking other frequencies and hits hard and deep. The 7mm dynamic driver is certainly doing its job. Mids are pushed back on other frequencies and trebles are a little bit veiled but extended well. Overall presentation is dark and musical. Trebles are not bright and super extended but has just enough sparkle. The mids are laid back due to the V-shape sound, but it is smooth and doesn’t feel weak of thin overall. Bass has a nice impact and slam that I can call almost bass-head level in its quantity. Soundstage feels wide and airy and better than average.



OS V3 has a smooth and organic treble response. There is no sharp edge around the highs and it is mostly relaxed and a little dark. Smooth presentation is easy to listen to, but it sacrifices some detail and resolution in this regard. Extension is good and there is a nice sparkle, but it is not the best in its class. Detail level is good and you can feel the intensity of the instruments that are being played. Timbre is a tad bold and all the instruments’ sounds are a bit bolder than you’d expect. Although it has a dark presence, it has a nice air and space between instruments. Detail and separation levels are also impressive. Overall, OS V3 has nice treble response but it is not the star of this show for sure.



Mids are a little more pushed back and recessed compared to the bass and high frequencies, and the instruments have a warm and organic tonality. The mid-level bass gives some extra warmth to the sound. Musicality is the first priority here, so no matter what type of song you listen to, it is musical and dynamic. There is a nice rhythm, and timbre. Lush and warm presentation of the mids make the male vocals sound thick, especially in male vocals. Upper mids are also relaxed and there is no harshness. Texture and tonality at the mid-frequencies are impressive but keep the price range in mind here. I’ve listened to Whitney – Giving Up and instruments and vocal sounds’ harmony was pretty joyful, which I like for the sweet tonality.



Bass is the most pronounced of the frequencies of the OS V3, and it is the best as well (thanks to the dynamic driver). I like its thunderously powerful bass response. It goes pretty deep and hits hard as hell. Not the fastest, but it is fast enough to handle everything and it never loses control. It performs especially great with EDM, and I mostly listened to Progressive House with it. Quantity is more than enough for most but some people might want more for sure. Bass is controlled but sometimes it pushes the mid range and creates a little stress in the overall sound, but mostly it holds its horses. Bass is so enjoyable and I love to hear the impact and rumble and dynamic drivers create.



Soundstage is surprisingly wide, enough so that I can consider it better than average. It puts sufficient space between instruments and prevents them from mixing with each other. Although is has a dark tonality, the sound is clean and clear that all the instruments are easy to hear. Layering and imaging are good for the price. Background is not solid black but it is moderately black and makes the sound clear.



OS V3 vs Rhapsodio IRIS:

They both in similar price range but IRIS is a bit expensive than the OS V3. OS V3 has acrylic shell-like IRIS and they both material and built quality are amazing. OS V3 has better ergonomics and fit but there are not big differences. Package and contents are much better on OS V3 which has many things while IRIS has only some couple of tips. OS V3 has 1 dynamic driver and 2 balanced armature driver per side while Iris has 1 dynamic driver. Sound wise. IRIS is slightly warm and L shape while OS V3 is more like V-shape. Bass is more quantity and quality on OS V3, IRIS has also nice prominent bass but it is not as powerful as like OS V3. Bass is more controlled and tighter on OS V3 and. Mids are slightly forward on OS V3 and it plays little bit up front while IRIS is more laid back and relaxed in this regard. Vocals are centered and forward on IRIs. OS V3 is pushed back and plays 5-6 seats back. Trebles are more prominent and detailed on OS V3 and IRIS has slightly rolled off trebles. Details and resolution level are better on OS V3. Overall, IRIS has darker and warmer sound signature. OS V3 is more musical, dynamic and detailed earphone.




HiFi Boys is a relatively new company and the OS V3 is their first hybrid earphone with which they’ve done a great job. Its sound is great and the price is even better when you consider its performance. Material and build quality are also great as well. Darkish, musical, and powerful bass are the OS V3’s key words. If you are looking for a hybrid IEM with a V-shape I can highly recommend the HiFi Boy’s OS V3 for their price.

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