Shozy Neo BG

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thanks to Penon Audio for this great opportunity. Here is the link of the Shozy Neo BG:



Driver: 5BA

Sensitivity: 118db

Frequency;20 Hz-20KHz

Impedance:22 ohm

Noise reduction: -25db


Package Details:

3 Pair Single Flange Silicon Tips

3 Pair Double Flange Silicon Tips

3 Pair Foam Tips

Shozy Neo BG Earhpone

Stock Cable

Carrying Case


Test Equipment:

Astell Kern AK120

Opus #1



Package, Design & Isolation;

Shozy Neo BG comes with small printed cartoon box. When you open the box there are carrying case and everything inside. There are 3 pairs of single flange silicon tips, 3 pairs of double flange silicon tips and 3 pairs of foam tips in the box. Package content is not rich but there is not much to complain.

Shozy Neo BG has only one-color option. Translucent black with gold nugget shell looks gorgeous and it is really beautiful. There is a gold Shozy logo on the faceplate, Neo BG name and serial number are located at the back of the shells. Nozzle is constructed with metal; it feels solid and its small size is easy to find after market tips. Shozy Neo BG has 5 balanced armature drivers per side. This is the second version which has 2 pin sockets instead of MMCX. I believe there is no sound difference with V1 and the only change has been made with the sockets. Stock cable is the thickest stock cable I’ve ever seen. This is like a rope and I believe it might hold pretty heavy weight. Cable is so beautiful; it is 8 cores braided with nylon shielded. I like its looks and feels that it gave. There is no memory wire which I’m super grateful for that. Cable Itself is thick but soft material makes it easy to carry and it never gets tangled.

Isolation is great with the proper tips, so I don’t have any complaint here. Stock tips are great but I found RHA Dual Density ear tips are better to my ears.


Sound Type:

Sound is natural and slightly bright which brings so many details on surface. Highs are star of the show for me, so detailed, extended and rich and it adds extra dimension to the sound and makes the details easy to hear. Mids are tad of laid back, timbre is neutral and slightly bright. Lows are tight, fast and it doesn’t mess up with fast passages. Sub-bass doesn’t reach deep but it has fairly enough power to taps your toes. Soundstage is airy and wide; it never feels congested. Instrument separation, detail level and resolution are top notch.



Highs are the most prominent area of all frequencies. It is extended pretty well and has a nice sparkle without being harsh. Its bright presentation makes the soundstage airy and it puts enough air between instruments. Presentation of treble is fantastic, it is accurate, detailed and sparkly. Some people may find it just a bit bright but I can contentedly say that it is in safe zone. No sibilance, harshness or ear drilling peaks at all. If you use with super bright source you may hear some stress on highs but still it will be in tolerable level I believe. Resolution level is pretty impressive for its price. Cymbals, crushes every instrument are clearly presented. Overall, Shozy Neo BG is so generous earphone to bring details, so you can hear so many details that you never heard before.



The mids are neutral and detailed, but a little laid back since there is more bass and treble sparkle on overall sound. Frankly, it is a bit lack of musicality and dynamism, but it has great detail and high level of resolution. If I have to choose only one word for Neo BG, it would be the details. It is pretty successful to make it audible to every detail in the music. Vocals are not in front of your face; it is slightly centered on the soundstage and felts laid back. Both male and female vocals are good to hear but it is missing on emotion, and naturality for my taste. It’s not dry or clinical but I prefer just a bit warmth on sound. Overall mid frequencies are very detailed and good for serious listening to hear micro details.



Bass is well controlled and tight which doesn’t muddy up the rest of the sound. It is not much in quantity and if you want bone shaking, rumbling bass, it is not for you. It goes deep but don’t expect too much. It has a good amount of weight, it is not bleeding or dominating the mids, it is tight and it never lose its control, even though fast passages. Tonality is dry which typical balanced armature sound. When I listen EDM I felt little lack of punchiness and wish it was a little more in quantity. I just criticized but it has right amount actually but for my taste I would prefer little more. By the way, you can always add some extra warmth with pure copper cable, Penon Fiery has a good match with Neo BG, it adds some weight on bass and make the overall sound slightly warmer.



Neo BG has quite wide soundstage that is better than average in this price range. All the instrument placement is in wide area and easy to listen. I like instrumental music and mostly listening Le Trio Jeoubran, Renaud Garcia Fons, Pink Martini etc. on my stereo system or my portable setup. Listening stringed instruments like violin, guitar, oud is a great experience with Shozy Neo BG and the space between instruments are easy to discriminate. Depth is not the best but layering and imagining are good for its price.



Shozy Neo BG & Audiosense T800:

Both earphones are beautifully made and they look gorgeous and also, they have only one color option, so that means doesn’t have any other color option. Neo BG looks fancier because of its gold nugget shells. Both earphones are super comfy to my ears but Neo BG is slightly might be better due its small size. T800 has 8 balanced armature drivers per side while Neo BG has 5. T800 is using industry standard MMCX socket on the contrary of Neo BG’s 2 pin socket. Package and contents are similar but T800 feels more elegant, but its stock cable is not as good as Neo BG. Neo BG stock cable is fantastic and I don’t feel to upgrade it. They sound so different. Neo BG has neutral, bright and more accurate sound while T800 has slight warm, rich and vivid sound. Neo BG’s trebles are more detailed, prominent and sparkly, no doubt. T800 is not as bright as Neo BG but still it holds great details and resolution. Mids are thicker and bolder on T800, it is more musical and engaging which Neo BG is more neutral, accurate and reference like. They both are shining with the right genres. T800 is very pleasant to listen EDM, R&B or Rock, at the same time Neo BG is great for classical, jazz, vocals or instrumental music. Bass is more in quantity on T800 and it hits harder and goes deeper than Neo BG. There is more weight and punch as you expected. Neo BG is tighter, faster and more right in quantity. Soundstage is wider on Neo BG but there are no big differences. Both earphones are great on sound, it’s all about preferences.


Shozy Neo BG & Nocturnal Atlantis:

Atlantis’ price is almost twice of Neo BG, but I decided to compare them because their sound signature is very similar. Both earphones are made with acrylic and shell design is very similar. Both are super ergonomic in my ears and also both are so beautiful. They have the same 0.78mm 2pin socket type. Atlantis have 4 balanced armature drivers while as you may know Neo BG has 5 drivers per side. Both earphones’ sound is neutral and both trebles have highlighted. Neo BG has slightly more extended and sparkle trebles than Atlantis but quantity is very similar. They both sharing same tonality, bright and neutral. Although they have similar tonality, they are differing in mid frequencies. Atlantis is slightly more forward and vocals are more upfront while Neo BG has laid back and slightly centered. Atlantis’ low mids are little bit thicker and it makes sound more bodied. Bass is more in quantity on Atlantis, it goes little deeper and hits harder but just a small margin. Soundstage feels wider on Neo BG but I can say that it is almost the same. Detail and resolution levels are also similar, Atlantis is slightly better but not as twice like its price. Neo BG is surprisingly amazing earphone and it is easily stand out much more expensive earphones. Impressive.



Shozy is a well-known brand in audio community and they have many good products like, dap, dacs, and earphones. This is the first time that I’m hearing one of their products that makes me pretty impressed by its sound and build quality. Shozy Neo BG is shining star for its price. It’s not hiding any details and its crystal-clear trebles are better than most earphones that I’ve ever heard at this price. Furthermore, it doesn’t refrain from any other expensive earphones to challenge them. Sound quality is above its price and it’s hard to see at this price. Build quality is also fantastic and it looks gorgeous which is hard to dislike its design. Due to its shape, comfort level is very good for long listening session. All in all, Shozy Neo BG is very good earphone up to down, also it won’t hurt your wallet.

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