Hifiman TWS600

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thanks to Mark from Hifiman for this great opportunity.




Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

Weight of One Earphone: 5.9g

Playtime: 5.5+33 Hours

Charging time (earphones): 1 Hour

Charging time (charging case): 1.5 Hours

Standby time: 110 Hours

Transmission Width: Up to 150m, depending upon environment


Package Details:

Charging Hard Case

Tons of Tips

TWS600 Wireless earphone

USB-C cable


Test Equipment:

iPhone 8

Acer Swift 14

iPad (6th generation)

Sharp Android TV


Package, Design & Isolation;

Hifiman TWS600 comes with fairly small cartoon box. Inside of the box there are charging hard case, lots of tips, USB-C cable and TWS600 earphone. Package contents are pretty enough to satisfy, especially for tips. There are triple flange, double flange, and various size of silicon tips and I assume everyone find the best tips for their ears with the stock tips.

Charging case is so beautiful and it looks really elegant in the hands, and surprisingly its size is smaller than I thought. Case itself is made by high quality plastic and it feels sturdy and solid. There is a Hifiman logo on top of the right side and bottom has silicon coating to prevent slipping away from flat surface, and also it provides better grab in hand. When you open the case there is four orange digital led to indicate battery status. Case is not water proof but I believe it will survive from splashing or lightly rain. There is magnet between lid and case that helps to close properly. This is battery powered case and there is a USB-C connector on the left side for the charging.

TWS600 beautifully made IEM. Although it is made of plastic, it gives solid feeling in the hands. Like the case, its plastic material is high quality and they never look cheap or flimsy. TWS600’s size is bigger than I expected, but at the same time it has great fit that I thought. Its body shape is bold and fat, but surprisingly it fits like a glove in the ears. There is absolutely no pain for long hours listening session. Each earphone has button on the faceplate that has multi-function. Pressing one time will play or pause the music. Pressing the right earpiece’s button twice will increases the volume and left one will decrease. Pressing the right button three times will skip to next song. Both buttons are also work for answering calls. There are multi-colored LEDs on the faceplates that indicate pairing with source, BT signaling or turning off. After pairing it stops blinking led signal which is good for battery life. I would like to tell more about the ergonomic size of the shells. TWS600 is rounded shape earphone and it provides really comfortable experience in the ear. There are lots of tips that comes with the package to find best fit for yourself. Overall, I really impressed by case and earphone itself. All parts are made of plastic but high-quality material and craftsmanship are impressive.



TWS600 has pretty impressive battery performance. It last more than five hours with single charge and with the case you can charge them five times, so you might able to use approximately 40 hours total. Also, it will last 110 hours on stand by mode. My experience was almost the same as advertised which is fantastic result. Of course, it depends of your volume level, and other circumstances. Short USB-C connector that comes with the package is great to bear with. Also. case is easy to carry in the packet and it won’t take up so much space. Overall TWS600 provides great battery life, thumps up.


Wireless Performance:

Wireless performance of TWS600 is phenomenal. It uses latest Bluetooth 5.0 which provides almost like 150m distance on open area. Hifiman prove that with the video test, you can watch it on YouTube. I did some test at my home and I never faced any disconnect issues at all. It sticks on your source and hard to disconnect. Even it managed to stays connected 3 rooms away, it is really impressive performance. And also, left side is the master earphone and they connected each other pretty fast. I’ve tried with different sources like TV, iPad and laptop and haven’t got any connecting problem. When you push the pair button it connects right away. I watched some videos on YouTube and there is no delay or sync issue. On Netflix, only one times I’ve come across with some delay but my TV may cause this issue who knows. All in all, its wireless performance is great and there is no complaint about it.



TWS600 uses topology diaphragm that Hifiman uses with their IEM line up with different variations. Before get the TWS600 I was expecting some V shape fun tuning earphone, but I got detailed, technical level of sounding earphone which I surprised. TWS600 has neutral and slightly warm sound signature that more of the technical side. Prominent and sharp upper frequencies are the master of the all frequencies. There is some serious details and resolution on the highs which I will explain later. Mids are slightly recessed but vocals are forward and centered on the stage. Bass is tight yet controlled but it doesn’t’ have much in quantity. There is a roll of on sub-bass and that makes it a bit dry on here. Overall sound is detailed, neutral and technical side rather than warm and musical.



This is where TWS600 shines in my personal taste. High frequencies are surprisingly detailed and extended well. There is no roll off on high, neither sibilant. The treble is not very sharp, but I can say it has a distinctively bright tone. The treble is not dry or dull, or there is no metallic atmosphere, but it is not possible to speak of a natural timbre as well. The technical performance of the trebles is extremely high for its price. You can hear all the nuances in the music without any effort. The separation is very high due to success to put gap between the instruments. Clearly, I can easily say that the technical performance is over the retail price. It plays a little thin in guitar and contrabass tones as tonality, but it is not egregiously prominent. The airy presentation of the trebles also positively affects the stage and makes it feel quite wide. At high volume, the treble does not shine to disturb the ears, but you may experience this if you lose seal while listening. That’s why it’s important to seal it well into ear. Overall high frequencies are pretty impressive and it shows technically great performance.



Mid frequencies are my second favorite place of TWS600. It is slightly leaning backward, and vocals sounds are a bit forward. Still, vocals are not sitting in front of you which there is a distance between you and vocals, and it’s slightly positioned front of the instruments. Male vocals are a bit thinner side and female vocal are much better to listen. Mid frequencies hold up pretty good details, layering and separating of the instruments are extremely successful in this regard. Clarity of the trebles continuing on mids; Instruments, vocals, everything crystal clear. Particularly in low volume, the lack of quantity in the lower mids generally feel weak, but when you increase the volume, the body that is missing on the sound come alive. Overall mid’s tonality is linear and relatively dry but there is no metallization or artificial presentation either. My own personal taste, the lower mids are a little less in terms of quantity and may be lacking in emphasis. Slightly more body would be fantastic. Although some cons, mids are really great on TWS600 and it is above my expectations.



First of all, the bass is extremely clean, tight and quite fast considered to the dynamic driver. It performs great, especially in fast passages. Basses are not so much in quantity which there is a roll off into the sub-bass. and this inadequacy creates lacks of dynamism. Essentially the bass are sufficient in quantity for indoor listening, but it is difficult to say the same thing for the outdoor listening. However, I would like to point out that I did not complain in terms of quantity during the indoor listening. But outside I wish to hear more quantity and I always attempt to increase It is possible to get a better result from the bass when use with the right tips. I haven’t tried, but I’m sure I can get some more bass with the foam tips for sure. The bass is mostly hit on lower mids and it’s suffering to dig deeper into the sub-bass. On the other hand, less in quantity brings advantages such as speed and extremely good recovery time in the fast passages. Its control is very successful, it does not lose its control anyway, and does not distort the overall frequency. Also, the bass resolution is extremely high. Generally, except for the quantity problem, the bass frequencies are pretty successful.



TWS600 is above average of its soundstage wideness. In holographic presentation, it is easy to listen instruments clearly. Soundstage depth is also good but not as good as width. Imaging and layering are also good and it provides good separation between instruments. The background of the TWS600 is quite dark and clear but it could be better.




Hifiman is respected brand in audio community and they have many high-performance products on the market. TWS600 is their first true wireless earphone and they did a great job. Amazing battery life, technical capability of the sound, comfort and super effective wireless performance are the keywords of the TWS600. Sound performance is above its price and it can rival expensive competitor in this sense. Price is reasonable and now you can get with discounted price. If you are on the market and looking for a true wireless IEM, just don’t pass it.


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