DD Hifi 2.5mm & 3.5mm Adapters

I would like to thanks to DD Hifi to sent DJ33A and DJ44A adapters.

DD Hifi Website: https://www.ddhifi.com/productinfo/1155035.html

DD Hifi Aliexpress Page : https://ddhifi.aliexpress.com/store/4673052?spm=a2g0o.detail.100005.1.4982758c1iWBkj




After popularity of cables in portable audio world, many companies started to produce so many cables. Some cable makes good improvement on sound and it becomes more important day by day. Apart from the 3.5mm jack of the different type of cables, 2.5mm balanced output has also gained importance with different sound dynamics and power. Then, Sony brought a new breath to the industry by bringing in a brand new 4.4mm jack type. A wide variety of jacks also requires a lot of cables, but it is possible to use 2.5mm balanced cable with various 3.5mm or 4.4mm adapters. Although there are not many alternatives in the market, there is a wide range of products and DD Hifi has brought a whole new breath to us with beautiful adapters.

DD Hifi is a fresh company and they made a good start by producing the one of the most beautiful jacks I have ever seen. They also make cases and different type of adapters as well.




DJ44A: 2.5mm Bal. female to 4.4mm Bal. male adapter

DJ35A: 2.5mm Bal. female to 3.5mm Bal. male adapter

DJ44A: (L-W-T) 16.5mm x 13mm x 8.5mm – 3.5g

DJ35A: (L-W-T) 9mm x 13mm x 8.5mm – 2.5g

Transparent Shell PC

Metal Shell Stainless Steel

Plug 24K Gold Plated Copper






Both DJ44A and DJ35A are comes with small simple wooden box that is pretty nice. In this price range I really surprised by the packaging to be honest. When you open the wooden box there is bunch of shredded papers to protect adapters from any damage. I’m quite impressed by this little unboxing experience.

Both adapters are beautifully made with high quality plastic with stainless steel. Transparent housing allows you to see all the electronics inside of the adapter. Stainless steels pieces give solid feelings which provide built like a tank feeling. Both male plugs are gold plated copper for the best sound transfer. DJ44A total weight is 3.5g and it is super light and DJ35A is even lighter, 2.5g. Total size is pretty small for a jack. Both adapters female socket tops are pretty short and it gives L-shape form when you plug into cable.

I tried both adapters with my all 2.5mm cables and I’ve never heard any sound differences which is a great result. I don’t want to get any sound changes with the adapters. This is a fantastic adapters and price is pretty bargain for its high-quality material and performance. And of course, I don’t want to pass that wooden box. If you are looking to get an adapter for your cables, just take a look these beauties.



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