Final Audio B1 & B2

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thanks to Final Audio for this great opportunity.



 Final Audio B1

Product code: FI-B1BDSSD

Housing Stainless steel mirror-finished (Rose Gold)

Driver1D+1BA (Networkless)

Connector MMCX

Cable OFC silver coated cable

Sensitivity 94dB

Impedance 13Ω

Weight 36g

Cord length 1.2m


Final Audio B2

Product code: FI-B2BSSD

Housing Stainless steel (gunmetal finish)

Driver 1BA

Connector MMCX

Cable OFC Black cable

Sensitivity 109dB

Impedance 41Ω

Weight 32g

Cord length 1.2m


Package Details:

Final Silicon tips – SS/S/M/L/LL

Silicon Carry Case

Ear hooks


Test Equipment:

Astell & Kern AK120

Opus #1


Topping D50s


Package, Design & Isolation;

Both B1 and B2 comes with exactly same white cartoon box. Unboxing experience is also exactly the same. There is a thin dome-shaped silicon carry case with 5 size Final E-Type silicon tips. Silicon carry case has really interesting design and I really like it. It protects the earphone safely and is extremely easy to carry due to its relatively small size. Final tips are already famous in audio community and many people are using it with their earphones. It is really amazing tips for comfort and sound which I am using with some of my earphones. There is also ear hook for to support fit, but I don’t feel comfortable to use it. Package contents are simple and no rich, but everything is high quality.

B1 and B2 are sharing same design language but they are differing in color and finished. B1 has polished stainless steel design which is shinier than B2 and also has rose gold color while B2 has gunmetal color with matte finish. Stainless Steel body has different processor than the normal which they call MIM (Metal injecting molding). Information from their website; Mim is a process by which powdered metal is mixed with a binder to form a resin in the desired shape and applying high-temperature sintering to achieve the desired form. B1 looks more elegant and attractive but also it is fingerprint magnet and it’s reflected all small dust, dirt, and finger prints. Build quality is phenomenal for both earphones. High-quality stainless-steel material with futuristic alien like design looks so geourgeus. Stainless steel design makes them a bit heavy, but they provide pretty good seal in ear, so no complaint here. Like Final Audio’s other models, B1 and B2 also uses MMCX connectors which has solid feelings. It might be the most tight and robust MMCX connectors I’ve ever seen. B1 uses high purity ofc silver coated cable and it looks and feels so elegant which I don’t feel to upgrade it. B2 uses black color soft ofc cable. Its soft design provides pretty good ergonomic. Both cables are terminated 3.5mm.

B1’s first hybrid earphone of Final Audio and it is flagship earphone of the B-Series. It uses x1 balanced armature driver for high range sound and x1 6.4mm dynamic driver for bass while B2 has 1 balanced armature driver. As we expected, sounds are totally different of both earphones. They are also easy to drive with most sources, included phones. My iPhone 8 easily drivers both earphones but I suggested to use with headphone amp or Dap for the best performance.

Both earphones are provides pretty good isolation with stock E-Type silicon tips and as always you can get better seal and isolation with foam tips. I am not a huge fan of foam tips, so I use both earphones with the E-Type silicon types. They provide pretty good isolation for outdoor and it is comfortable for long hours listening. Angular design edges may look sharp and uncomfortable, but don’t let mislead you, it is quite ergonomic and comfy into ears. I’ve used it many hours and I haven’t felt any pain or discomfort issues at all.




B1: B1 has typical V-shape sound signature; emphasised well extended trebles, slightly laid back mids and punchy, powerful bass response. Overall sound tonality is smooth and warm. Soundstage is wide and airy to provide good separation and sense of feeling. Bass is rounded and smooth which is hits softer notes. 6.3mm bass driver goes deep and there is plenty of power. It reminds me E5000 in this sense. Trebles are slightly sharp but also it produces great details to hear every single movement in music. Mids are slightly laid back in overall sound presentation but it holds great details. Boosted lower mids adds body and gives some organic tones of the instruments. Overall, B1 good all rounder earphone and it is good for most genres.

B1’s smooth sound presentation is also touching of the high frequencies. It’s smooth and warmth with well extended. Air between instruments are sufficient to make placement and separate nicely. Highs are detailed but sometimes may come across slightly piercing depending on source. Although its energetic trebles I’ve never heard sibilance, but It will perform better with warmth sound source. Stringed instruments sounds are so good and there is high level of details. Crashes, bells, and all other instruments nuance are so clear.

Mid frequencies are recessed in overall sound but it has fantastic details and smooth presentation. Layering and imagining are great. Instruments are not dry and it has natural, organic timbre due to smooth presence. The mid-frequencies are slightly bodied with coloration, so the instruments play thicker as well as little forward than it should be, but I am not complaining about it. Drums and guitars sounds are textured with great details. Vibration in guitar strings are fantastic to listen. Drums sounds are well articulated and has good impact. Both male and female vocals are great. It is not too forward nor laid back.

B1’s bass are punchy, powerful and texture is smooth like a cream. It is similar in tonality with E5000 which is almost same in quantity as well. Bass has good authority and it reaches pretty deep, but still it is not a bass head level. It is tight and controlled and it never lose its control with fast passages, but it is not as fast as like BA driver. But I really impressed by the control and tightness of the bass. I don’t know it is related with driver size, but if so 6.3mm small bass driver has an advantage for that. Smooth and prominent bass makes instruments sounds a bit thicker. There is enough power for EDM, Hip Hop and bassy genres.

B1 is great at creating a spacious and holographic soundstage. All the instruments are plays well separated with plenty of distance between them and easy to pin point in soundstage. Depth is also great and which imagining level is pretty impressive. Background is moderately black and it makes sound clear.




B2: B2 is way different than the B1 in terms of sound. These two bad boys look similar but sounds are totally different. B2 has inverted V-Shape sound signature; forward mids with slightly rolled off trebles and recessed on bass quantity. Trebles are not emphasised and there is a slightly rolled off, but tonality is soft and smooth. Bass doesn’t’ reach deep and it hits slightly on mid bass area. Mids are forward and presentation is in your face. Vocals are singing right front of you and these presentations creates romantic and intimate atmosphere. Overall, B2 good earphone for vocals, easy listening genres.

B2 is little shy on high frequencies. It is good for most listening experience but it is not the right earphone for treble-head listeners. Treble is relaxed and it is a bit softer in tonality which provides pretty easy listening experience for long hours. There is a smooth transition from mids to treble. Upper trebles are rolled off and it is not pronounced like the mid frequencies. You can hear all the small nuance but it is not detail monster in this area. Instruments are not a little compressed feeling and it doesn’t have airy atmosphere like B1 does.

Without a doubt, the most successful frequency of B2 is the mid region. Mid is located in front of other frequencies and has a very good detail level. The mid basses have good strokes in quantity and give the B2 the overall body. Forward mid presentation limits the stage a bit and offers an intimate space, but the instrument separation is quite successful anyway. Vocals are so intense and there is

Bass is well controlled and tight. It is not much in quantity, but It goes deep enough to listen some EDM genres, but you might want more bass. But B2 specifically tuned for the forward mid and fast bass response, so it is pretty good earphone for that reason. It reproduces in a balanced and detailed way, making the bass present and textured. Bass is really fast ant tight. It uses balanced armatures advantage. it is not bleeding to mids, and it never lose its control, even though fast passages. You can always add some extra quantity with pure copper cable, EQ and foam tips.

B2 is not as good as B1 in terms of soundstage width but it is still good enough to distinguish instruments in stage. Forward presentation makes it intimate in soundstage but still it is fresh and airy.





Final Audio B1 vs Rhapsodio RDGB Gen2

Both earphone price is similar but Final Audio B1 is a bit expensive than the RDGB Gen2. Both earphones beautifully made, RDB is made by acrylic while B1 is stainless steel. They both looks beautiful but B1 looks more elegant. Both earphone’s material and built quality are simply amazing. RDB has better ergonomics and fit but differences are not big. RDB has 1 dynamic driver and 2 balanced armature driver per side while B1 has 1 dynamic driver and 1 balanced armature driver. Sound wise, both earphones are tuned V-Shape, but B1 is warmer and smoother while RDB is slightly brighter in tonality due its emphasized trebles. Bass is more quantity and quality on B1, RDB has also nice prominent bass but it is not as powerful and controlled as like B1. Bass is more controlled and tighter on B1. Mids are slightly forward on B1 and it plays little bit forward while RDB is more recessed. Vocals are more forward and bodied on B1. Trebles are more prominent, sharp on RDB while B1 has better control and details. Overall details and resolution level are better on B1. Overall, both earphones is musical, dynamic but B1 is better earphone all over.


Final Audio B1 vs Empire Ears Bravado

Both earphones price is similar but Final Audio B1 is $100 expensive than the Bravado. Both earphones are sharing same driver configuration with 1dynamic driver and 1 balanced armature driver. Bravado made by acrylic body while B1 has stainless steel body. Both are beautifully made but B1 looks more elegant as I said before. Although they share some similarities in sound, they differing in trebles are most. B1 has more emphasised and extended trebles while Bravado is smoother and more relaxed. Still it has good sparkle and extension but B1 is better in every aspect. Detail level is better on B1 which provides better instrument separation and more airy presentation. Mids are more pronounced and articulated on B1 and also it has more details and separation. Bravado is a bit recessed than the B1 and detail level is not as good as B1. Vocals are more forward and smooth on B1 while Bravado is positioned laid back. Bass is more in quantity and more excited on Bravado. It goes deeper and hits harder, and also, it’s slower. B1 is tighter and faster in bass and still punchy, but Bravado bass performance has more fun. Both earphones soundstage is wide but B1 has better imagining and layering.


Final Audio B2 vs Penon Audio Sphere

Final Audio B2 is the new earphone from Final Audio’s line up and it has also one armature driver like Sphere. Both earphones are beautiful in different ways. B2 feels more premium and elegant in hands with its metal body while Sphere has acrylic simple design, but Sphere is also beautiful iem. Both earphones provide good ergonomics but Sphere is much better and comfortable into ears. Sounds; B2 sound is mildy forward, slightly dark and rolled off on both bass and trebles while Sphere is natural, slightly V-shaped and bright in tonality when I compare with B2. Sphere trebles has more sparkle and extended better and also clearer. B2’s trebles are rolled off and it is slightly veiled. Instruments separation is more audible and better with Sphere. Mids are more forward and pronounced with B2 while Sphere has slightly laid back and centered on stage. B2’s lush and smooth sound making vocals more intimate and romantic. Vocal performance is better on B2 and details are more pronounced. Bass is better in terms of control and dynamic on Sphere and also more in quantity. B2’s bass is rolled off and it is not as deep as like Sphere. Soundstage is wider and airier on Sphere while B2 has more intimate due to its forward mid presentation.



Final audio made series of earphones for Japan market which they call Make, and now they are available worldwide as B Series. Although they are sharing same design language, they did some internal change. Both B1 and B2 are highly successful earphone according to their class. Especially B1 is a very impressive earphone the price. It is a great earphone with powerful basses, soft-smooth mids and well-extended detailed trebles. It is great all rounder earphone for any genres. The B2 is a earphone with a very romantic presentation that stands out with its mid performance. Its sound made for specifically good with some genres. Both earphones material and build quality is fantastic.

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