Bqeyz Spring 1

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thanks to Elle from BQEYZ for this great opportunity.

Here is the link;




13mm Bass dynamic driver

Ultra-high frequency 7-layers piezoelectric

Custom mid-high frequency balanced armature

5-Axis CNC product

High gloss surface process

Gold anodized

2pin 0.78mm replaceable design

8 core silver-plated, 0.06mm x 25 shares

Frequency: 7-40kHz

Impedance: 43ohm

Sensitivity: 108±3dB



Package Details:

Spring 1

6 pairs silicon tips

1 pair foam tips

PU leather case



Test Equipment:

Astell & Kern AK120

THX AAA 789 – Topping D50s

Opus #1



Package, Design & Isolation;

Spring 1 comes with mid size black cartoon retail box. All the tips and cables are inside of the carrying case. There is a 6 pairs of silicon tips, 1 pair of foam tips, PU leather case, Spring 1 earphone and cable inside of the box. Unbox experience is good for its retail price. Carrying case big enough to put earphone with cables and some more extra tips. Case itself is made PU leather and it has pretty solid looks and feels. Inside of the case has soft cotton material to prevent any scratch and damage while carry or storage.

Spring1 is really beautiful IEM with its build quality and material. I couldn’t believe its price when I see it in my hands. Shell is aluminium metal with matte black finish, and also has blue color option. Material and build quality are fantastic and it gives premium feelings. It is a bit heavier but it doesn’t cause any comfort and fit issues. Shell size is pretty small and it is easy to use without any issues. Rounded shape and soft touch don’t make any discomfort problem. Overall, I really impressed by the robust built and material quality. This might be one of the best earphones for its price range in terms of build quality. Cable is another good thing about Bqeyz Spring1. Built and material quality looks great. All 2 pin sockets, y splitter and 3.5mm jack are aluminium which is great. It is 8 braid spc and rubber is made of plastic but it is super soft and there is no microphonics issue whatsoever.

Spring1 provides good isolation with stock silicon tips. I’ve tried with some other tips in my hands and got better results with mandarin tips. Overall isolation is pretty good, blocking outside noise quite successful. I always use silicon tips with my universal IEM’s but you can always get a better isolation with the foam tips.




Spring1 has triple driver configuration inside. 1 dynamic driver for bass, 1 balanced armature driver for mid, and 1 piezo driver for the high frequencies. Sound is V-Shape form and there is a plenty of power on low frequencies, and mids are slightly forward. It has good body which also has good details and I really impressive by the organic timbres. High frequency is extended, sparkle and it has good details. Overall sound is fun and musical with great technical performance. Spring1 has 43ohm impedance and it’s required some power to sing properly, so it is hard to drive with phone and I recommend to use with amp or daps for to hear its full potential.

Piezoelectric driver is the latest star of the portable audio industry with electrostatic driver, and I am glad that companies are start to use it recently. The upper frequencies are forward and prominent as expected from piezo driver. The upper treble is slightly sharp and may be likely to come towards the sibilance line with open sources. Due to prominent upper trebles, it starts tiring to listen after few hours. I have used my Opus # 1 and AK120 with Spring1 I want to specify that I do not hear any sibilance. The treble is highly detailed and the micro detail level is quite successful. It’s well-defined, articulate and clear. It is possible to hear a lot of sounds in the background. The airy presentation also has a positive effect on the stage and offers wide and open sound.

Mid section is slightly recessed from other frequencies but still there is a forward presentation with its vocal presence. The balanced armature driver performs very well to add body on mid frequencies. The vocal performance is really great with both female and male vocals which has great timbre and natural presentation. It is well textured, emotional and at the same time highly detailed. The instrument sounds are particularly successful in stringed instruments. Natural and organic sound performance delivers excellent performance with orchestral or instrumental-style music. Also, as a jazz lover, I was extremely impressed by its jazz performance. Obviously, considering the price, I find the mid performance is surprisingly good and I would say it has much better performance than two times expensive earphones.

The 13mm dynamic drive is shows itself in the bass area with its authoritative presentation. It is deep, powerful and punchy which is not overpowered and also it is controlled. The authoritative bass does not suppress other frequencies and the bleeding is not significant into the mids. The lower mid is highly accentuated and adds a warmth to the overall presentation. Sub bass can go deep enough, but there is a slightly roll-off which obvious with some bassy tracks, but don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of bass here. Bass is slightly slow and attack and speed are not the best I’ve heard, but it is still reasonably tight and controlled. Overall, it’s well textured and detailed as well as fun and musical.

Soundstage is open and airy which every instrument play in fairly enough distance from each other. Instrument separation and details are easy to hear it and clean background helps a lot. Overall, it has great width and depth with surrounded presentation. There is a good comment after grill mods, but I haven’t applied it yet, if you have Spring1 and you want to improve soundstage that mode will help I believe.





Spring 1 vs BGVP DMG:

Both earphones are in same price range which they are great earphones under $200. Both DMG and Spring 1 are made of aluminum and they are beautifully made. DMG has 1 dynamic driver and 4 balanced armature drivers while Spring1 has 1 piezo driver, 1 balanced armature driver and 1 dynamic driver inside. Both earphones are sharing same V-shape sound signature which they have powerful low end, extended highs with recessed but detailed mid frequencies. Spring 1 shows better performance on high frequencies with better imagining and details while DMG is smoother and warmer in tonality. Spring1 is airier and clearer but also it is standing thin red line of sibilance with some bright source. DMG mid frequency is slightly more recessed and vocals are laid back, while Spring 1 has more forwarder vocals and slightly shows more details in here. Low mids has more body and timbre is sweeter on Spring1. Bass is more in quantity on DMG, it goes deeper and hits harder while Spring 1 has rolled off on sub bass, but it’s still holds good amount of weight and power. Soundstage is wider and airier on DMG but the differences is not big at all. Both earphones are great for EDM and most genres.





This is my first BQEYZ earphone to review it, and I had no clue and no expectations till to get Spring1, but I really impressed by the sound, build and material quality. It is very capable earphone and it has so much potential. Its sound performance is better than some earphones under $300, and its build quality is better than higher priced earphones. Detailed and extended highs and super detailed mids with great vocal performance accompany by with powerful bass response.

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