Penon Audio Orbit

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thanks to Penon Audio for this great opportunity. Here is the link of the Orbit:



4 braided, single share contains 154 cores, a total of 616 cores

OCC silver-plated wire

The plug contains 68% copper

Carbon fiber metal splitter and CNC integrated slider

Cable length: 1.2M


Package Details:


Storage bag

Velvet pouch

Metal clip

Nylon Strip


Test Equipment:

THX AAA 789 + Topping D50s

Opus #1

Astell & Kern AK120

Nocturnal Atlantis

CustomArt Fibae 2

Penon Sphere


Package, Design;

Penon Orbit comes with famous blue-red Penon cartoon box and contents are exactly the same as their other cables which I have no complaint here. There is velvet pouch, rounded wooden case, clip and nylon strip inside the box. I always have been big fan of their rounded wooden case, and use it as an earphone case. Overall, contents and unboxing experience are great.

Orbit is one of my favorite cable of entire Penon line-up in terms of looks and design. Cable itself looks gorgeous with shiny silver color strands and carbon black sockets, jacks and y-splitter. Orbit is 4 braided silver-plated copper cable and it’s pretty thick, but the soft material provides pretty good ergonomic while using. I’m not sure but I believe cable size is 22 gauge.

There is nothing that annoys me more than the memory wire, and Orbit has nylon sleeve instead of memory wire which is great for comfort and usability. 2 pin sockets, jack and Y-Splitter have golden black carbon pattern and it looks elegant. 2 pin socket has 2 circular blue and red colors to indicate left and right. My cable has 2.5mm jack with 2 pin sockets, but you can choose 3.5mm jack and MMCX socket as well. Cable is a bit bulky because of gauge size but the material has softer feelings and it’s easy to wear and it doesn’t cause any issues while using.



When the Orbit reached in my hand, first I tried it with my Atlantis earphone. At the time I was using BTG Starlight cable for a long time with my Atlantis and when I switched with Orbit, I immediately noticed the changes in the sound. First of all, there was a relief in the upper frequencies. A more spacious and bright presentation has emerged compared to Starlight. Extension of the treble has also become better. The treble of Atlantis is very clear and very successful even with stock cable, and it becomes even better with Orbit.  The main improvement is becoming more articulated and clearer, and also airier and more controlled. When I try with Fibae2, improvements are more obvious. The Fibae2 has a good extended treble but it’s relatively warm and slightly rounded. And with Orbit, treble becomes more extended, sparkle and more articulated than before. It also opens the stage more and puts better space between the instruments. Overall, treble improvements are not huge but it definitely adds more sauce to the sound.



Orbit has improved the trebles, additionally has improved the mid frequencies as well. Mids gains a little more body with Orbit and it comes slightly forward. The lower mids are more accentuated, textured and have an organic feel. The vocals are relatively forward and natural, but obviously it doesn’t make any serious changes. It just comes a little forward and it has slightly more body, especially in male vocals. I can also say that there is more bass in the low mid region with Atlantis and the instruments are thicker just a step. Orbit does not have a meaty character with its sound, and it touches the lower mids just lightly. Orbit makes the mid region of Fibae2’s significantly thicker and forward. Obviously, more forward presentation is not something I would like to hear from Fibae2 which has already forward mids, but the fact that Orbit adds more forward presentation and creates more textured and dramatic effect. The vocals come one or two rows front of the stage and offered the opportunity to listen from like the VIP. I would suggest to use Orbit with more V shaped earphones, but of course it’s up to you to use with forward mids earphones as well.



I must say that Orbit does the best improvement in bass area which I like the most. Although it does not increase the bass much in terms of quantity, it definitely makes it tighter and more controlled. It compiles the scattered and boomy bass type and makes a great touch in terms of control. The lower frequencies of Atlantis cannot be called so powerful which there is no significant increase with Orbit, but the bass certainly gets tighter and it becomes faster than before. There is a similar improvement in Fibe2. The F2 (Fibae2) is powerful earphone in terms of bass, and Orbit helps to improve its control and makes tighter. Orbit is definitely bass healer.



Orbit makes good improvements on soundstage. It adds more width and depth, and also makes separation between instruments more distinguishable. It is not super airy cable but it definitely gives fresh feelings in stage.



Penon Orbit vs Rhapsodio Sakura:

Both Orbit and Sakura are silver-plated copper cables and their price is similar. Sakura is stiffer than Orbit and it is slightly tend to tangle sometimes, while Orbit is better in terms of stiffness and tangling for its size. Both cables are beautiful looking but Orbit is better for my taste. Sound wise, they are sharing some similarities but they are differing in some areas. Sakura’s sound profile is warmer and smooth while Orbit is slightly brighter and more silver like cable. Orbit making more improvements on upper frequencies, and has better resolution, extends better and it has more sparkle. Sakura adds warmth and makes trebles sounds a bit thicker. Both Sakura and Orbit showing some similarities in mid area. Sakura adds more body and warmth on mids and they have same forward presentation. Orbit is slightly lesser warm and forward than Sakura. Vocal presentations are same forward and warm, it is hard to judge which one is better. Sakura shows more slam and power on bass while Orbit is tighter and more controlled. Orbit has wider and deeper soundstage while Sakura’s is more limited and narrower.


Penon Orbit vs Effect Audio Eros V1:

I found my Eros V1 cable in my drawers which I totally forgot its existence in my collection. Eros is a great cable from Effect Audio and I like its look and sound, except oxidation. Eros is silver and copper hybrid cable while Orbit is SPC cable as we know. Both cables have great material and build quality and looks gorgeous, but Orbit looks more luxury in my opinion. Eros’ sound is more technical and flatter while Orbit is livelier and more musical. Eros makes more improvements on trebles and it adds more extension and sparkle while Orbit has less extended and the air between instruments are not as good as Eros. Mids are more bodied and forward on Orbit and it has better texture while Eros is flatter and it makes airier and instruments’ sound thinner. Bass has better authority, quantity and speed on Orbit. It is livelier and improvements are significant. Eros is more controlled, flat and a bit lifeless when I compare to Orbit. Both cables improve soundstage depth and width and they are very similar in this regard.



Penon Audio made an extremely successful cable in terms of price and performance with Orbit. My personal opinion, it is the most beautiful cable produced by Penon Audio and it is definitely deserving its premium title with its material-build quality. The contents of the box are as rich as ever with wood carrying box, velvet pouch, clips. Despite its build quality and contents, it also improves the sound in the earphones it is used with, especially by tightening the bass and increasing the control.  If you are in the market and looking for a spc cable, I can strongly recommend you to consider Orbit.

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