Hyla Audio Sarda

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thanks to Hyla Audio for this great opportunity. Here is the link of the Sarda: https://www.hyla-audio.com/product-page/sarda

You can also pırchase Sarda from here;

HYLA Sarda



Driver type: 2 Balanced Armature – 1 Piezoelectric Ceamic – 1 Dynamic Driver

Sensitivity: 97db@1mw

Freuency Response: 20hz – 45khz

Impedance: 12 Ohm

Cord: PW Audio 1.2m 2 pin

Plug Type: 3.5mm mini stereo with gold plated


Package Details:

Hyla Sarda Earphone

Pw Audio Cable

Foam eartips (S,M,L)

Silicon eartips (S,M,L)

Cleaning tool,

Vannuys Nylon carry case


Test Equipment:

Opus #1

Lotoo Paw Gold

THX AAA 789 & Topping D50s


Package, Design & Isolation;

Sarda comes in square box that has Hyla Audio logo on top. Initially, that looks flimsy but when you open the box, you will realize there is some high-quality things inside the box. Big square Vannuys carrying case welcomes you and this is exactly the same case that comes with Oriolus Percivalli. When you open case lid, there are beautiful Sarda, PW Audio cable and some silicon tips. Also, there is some red nylon separator for earphones. Thus, it prevents to hit each other to avoid possible scratches of the earphone. Nylon Vannuys case is so beautiful and you can keep your earphone securely inside of the case. It is a big case, so it won’t fit in to your pocket.

Sarda has only one faceplate option like their previous models but this is the most beautiful designed earphone that Hyla made. It looks like a jewelry or some precious stones in hands. The size and body shape are similar with TE-5B/5T. Shell color is deep purple and the pinky glazed like pattern faceplate looks gorgeous. They have changed the 3 bore design of the nozzle with metal small holes one, and now it feels sturdier and looks better. PW Audio cable looks and sounds great. It is all black and pretty ergonomic to use it. There are no microphonic issues and it’s tangle free.

Like the other models of the Hyla’s, Sarda also provides really good isolation in ears. It fills up your ear canal and block all the outer noise so you can’t hear anything while listening to music. It doesn’t come with so many tip options but I’ve always use after market tips like Mandarin, Spinfit etc. You can always improve the isolation with Comfy foam or other hybrid options as well.




It is hard to decide which area is the best, but I think treble is the most special area of Sarda. Like the previous models, Hyla Audio did a great job with the Piezo driver. Tremendous extension of the trebles and its success to play every single micro detail in the music are simply amazing. Although the treble quantity is high, there is no any harsh presentation or sibilance. Clarity is so high, after listening to other earphones, you get the feeling of moving from Full HD to and immense 4K image. Sarda is the clearest, cleanest best resolution earphone from Hyla up to date, and its enormous performance is hard to beat. It reveals all the good / bad details in the whole music, so musicians should pay much more attention to the background sounds from now on because it’s very possible to hear all with Sarda. Great success of the trebles also positively affects the instrument separation. All the instruments in the stage are distant from each other, airy and plays without compression each. While I was listening, my reference tracks Le Trio Jeobran – Douja, I was truly blessed what I’ve heard. Oud sounds are so clear yet detailed and all the other instruments spread out in soundstage. Treble is so fast and it’s extremely successful with EDM music also. All the melodic sounds dancing in your ears left to right with good stereo imagining. After all good things, I only can criticize that it is a bit tiring to listen multiple hours because of its quantity, but overall trebles performance of Sarda is absolutely phenomenal.




Clarity and clear presentation continuous in the mid frequencies. The mids are still not bodied and meaty like Hyla’s previous models, but it’s definitely not recessed either. Actually, the lower mids are fuller and relatively warm and thick compared to CE-05 and TE-5B, so when you listen to it, you never encounter a bodyless presentation. Overall mid frequencies are well textured and detailed yet crystal clear. Tuning is W shape and mids are a bit recessed because of prominent bass and treble frequencies and vocals are slightly forward but really slightly forward, not as forward as Reborn for example. Just like Sarda’s other frequencies, mids have great details and resolution. Crystal clear presentation allow you to hear every single nuance in the music and instruments’ beautiful tonality. The lower mids are bodied and well textured that male vocals sound good in tonality.




Hyla Audio is famous in the audio community with their fantastic bass performance, and this tradition continuous with Sarda. I can easily say that Hyla Audio is the best earphones company in terms of bass performance I have ever heard from any company, and they reflected their experience on Sarda. When you wear it in to your ear, you will notice it as soon as you listen. Bass is powerful, deep as well as incredibly controlled. No matter how much you turn up the volume or whatever you listen to, you never witness any uncontrolled bass performance and it won’t ruin your listening experience anyway. The bass quantity is lesser than the predecessors, but still it holds so much power, rumble and impact to put a smile on your face. Bass performance can match with multiple times expensive earphones and better than some of them. Although bass frequencies have Hyla’s signature, amount is not emphasized like TE-5B or CE-05, but that makes it the fastest at all. The recovery time is crazy good and has almost balanced armature speed. The sub bass can reach deep and have a sufficient amount for all kind of bassy music. The details and resolution levels are fantastic as expected, you can clearly hear every drum and bass notes in to music. Bass does not dominate or push the mids in soundstage or it does not bleed. It is like there is area for bass and they do not go beyond that ratio. It may be the best bass I’ve listened in terms of quality. I replenish this sentence every new Hyla Audio release, but it really is.



Soundstage is impressive to my ears but it is not the best I’ve heard. It has great stereo feelings and easy to pin point every instrument in the stage. Instrument separation and layering are fantastic. Airy presentation makes it easy to hear every single instrument in the music. Resolution is another great thing about Sarda. You can hear all the details like breath of singer, every single small sound of instruments or even background noise. There is a clear distance between instruments and it never gets messed up. Also, background is not that noisy which is pretty black.


Cable Swap:

Effect Audio Ares:

Ares is a great budget line cable and you may want to consider it for yourself to get it because it makes good improvements in sound with pretty good price. With Sarda, I am not sure I like or not because it changed the magical sound of Sarda. Clear and sparkle trebles drastically changed, it got smoother and more rounded, I like Sarda’s dynamic and energetic trebles. Some people might like it for sure. Mids becomes slightly more forward with vocals and it has more intimate presentation. Clarity is also slightly changed in mid area and it is creamier and softer. Bass has more in quantity and it gets slower but also it hits harder. I couldn’t feel any significant change in soundstage but it is not airy as before. Overall, if you want to make it smooth and slightly relaxed, Ares is good choice.


Penon Audio Leo:

Leo is one of my favorite cable from Penon and its sound performance is great with every earphone that I’ve ever tried, and here, result is not changed as well. Trebles becomes more sparkly and clearer and it also improves the detail levels. Mids are more open and airier with clear presentation and vocal sounds are clearer. Bass is even more controlled with Leo, and it is also fast. Quantity has not changed at all. Soundstage feels better, instruments has more air between each other. Overall, I really like Leo and Sarda combination and maybe I might use it for a while.


Rhapsodio SGD2.98 MK2:

SGD2.98 MK2 is the second version of the legendary MK1 and I really like its sound. Trebles becomes softer and smoother like Ares did, but MK2 keeps the clarity of Sarda and adds some cotton material in trebles which is more comfortable to listen without sacrifice its details and resolution. Mids are silky smooth and vocals are more prominent, but still clarity is there with its magical presentation. Bass, this is where the magical atmosphere is gone. Bass becomes more in quantity and hits harder and goes deeper but it is slow and loose, this is especially more apparent with EDM tracks. Soundstage is better both wide and depth and instruments have more air and distance.



Sarda vs Legend X:

I borrowed one of my friend’s Legend X to compare with Sarda, and it was really though fight. Legend X material and build quality is fantastic. It is all black and there is gold EE wings logo on the faceplate. That looks elegant! As you might know, Sarda comes with purple shell and pink faceplate which looks gorgeous. Both earphones are beautiful. Sarda feels sturdier and heavier while Legend-X looks and feels more fragile to me, but I don’t have any complaint about it. Both earphones have ergonomic shapes and it is easy to wear for long hours without fatigue or pain. Legend-X comes with Effect Audio Ares cable which is one of my favorite cable while Sarda comes with beautiful PW Audio spc cable. Legend-X has like bullet proof metal case and looks great while Sarda has fantastic Vannuys carrying case. Both earphones have premium cases, cables and their build quality are top notch. Well, let’s see how good are they with their sound. Let’s start with trebles: Sarda wins. Period. It is what it is. Although Legend-X’s fantastic treble performance, Sarda’s is really hard to beat in this area. Sarda is faster and more sparkly and also it is extended slightly better, Legend-X is slower and it feels not as clear as Sarda. Details and resolution level are also better on Sarda. It highlights more details and also separation is more distinguishable. Don’t get me wrong, Legend-X is truly fantastic with its performance but it is lack of energy and dynamism that Sarda has. Both earphones mids are laid back and their performance are similar. Vocals are slightly forward on Legend-X and it makes it more emotional. Also, Legend-X feels more natural and organic in mids area while Sarda is more sterile and drier. Details levels are same or maybe Sarda is slightly better because it’s clearer in presentation and it is hard to compare it. Oh boy, Legend-X has tons of bass and it drills your head with its double subwoofer drivers, it is really fun to listen. Legend-X has more in quantity and it goes deeper, way deeper. When I swap from Legend-X to Sarda, first thing that I realized how fast Sarda is. Yes, quantity is less, it’s not hits harder and it is not dig deeper but this thing is really fast and it makes Legend-X’s bass performance sluggish and slow. Legend-X bass quantity is abnormal and it is fun to listen no matter what, but Sarda has better performance overall with its controlled and fast bass. Both earphones’ soundstage are pretty wide and similar, so it is hard to tell which one is wider. Overall, both earphones are great top to bottom sound, material, build, and you might be wondering which one is better. Well, I would answer, it is all about personal preferences, and to me, it’s Sarda.


Sarda vs TE-5B:

TE-5B is one of my all-time favorite earphones in bass category and now it’s time to compare with the latest member of the family, Sarda. I don’t need to tell about their craftmanship and package contents but quickly; Sarda comes with bigger size of Vannuys case, and stock PW Audio cables are different. TE-5B has translucent blue color and they are very similar in size and shape. And lastly, both earphones using same drivers’ configuration with different tuning. They share some similarities in sound but they are differing in some area which is Trebles. Sarda is more prominent, more detailed and slightly more sparkly while TE5B is slightly laid back (which is not but when I compare side by side it gives that feeling) and details are not as prominent as like Sarda. Sarda has more clarity and crystal-clear presentation. Mids are similar but I felt TE5B has more body because of the bold lower mids. Vocals are slightly laid back on both earphones but Sarda feels more centered and forward. Both earphones mids are detailed but Sarda takes advantage of its clarity and it performs slightly better in this area. Bass is hard to judge, but I like TE5B’s bass performance. It is thunderous, powerful and controlled. I love to listen EDM with TE5B which is addicted, but if I have to judge on technical side, so Sarda is better in that case. It’s even more controlled and faster and somehow its quantity is more natural and right to me. TE5B is more excited and it has more wow factor but I prefer Sarda’s bass performance anyway. Soundstage is slightly wider on Sarda and instrument separation is better. Overall, these are two different animal it’s hard to pick, but I like Sarda more but that doesn’t mean I will give up to love TE-5B, no way.



Hyla Audio progressing to improve their sound with every new release, and Sarda is the best earphone they have ever made. And also, it is the 3rd generation earphone that using the 3-way driver configuration which is same with TE Series and CE-05. This is reminding me the Porsche 911 model which they start to made it in 1963 and up to date, and they have improved their design, engine, driving etc without change the base design, and model name. Like Porsche, Hyla Audio has also improved their 3 driver configurations and it’s even more perfect with every new release and Sarda is the latest one. Sarda deserves its price tag and it is not afraid to challenge the earphones that are 2-3 times more expensive than Sarda, and some ways it is even better than them. Also, it comes with PW Audio cable, and beautiful Vannuys storage container which is fantastic when you think some other brands give 5$ cheap plastic stock cable and flimsy case. I can highly recommend Sarda to anyone who likes to listen EDM, Instrumental, jazz, Pop etc. Its enormous sound quality, workmanship, ad material quality hard to beat with its price. Congrats Hyla, you nailed again!


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