Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thanks to Penon Audio for this great opportunity. Here is the link of the ISN D10:



Brand: ISN Audio

Model: D10

Driver: 9mm Dynamic driver

Material: resin

Impedance: 16 Ω @1khz

Sensitivity: 100 ± 3dB @1khz

Frequency response: 20-20kHz

Connector: MMCX

Plug: 3.5mm Audio/2.5mm/4.4mm Balanced


Package Details:

ISN D10 earphone

8 pairs of silicone eartips

Carry case

Clean brush


Test Equipment:

Opus #1


Topping D50s

Earman TR-Amp



Package, Design;

D10 comes in a small box which is same with H40, the only difference is its outer print. Box is like a pomegranate. When you open it there is beautiful ISN D10 and cable, nylon carry case, lots of tips, carabiner, cleaning tool. There are 8 pairs of tips and I really like the green silicon tips. Its sound and fit are pretty good for me. You can attach the carabiner onto the nylon carry case to hang however you wish. Case itself is exactly the same as H40 has, it looks flimsy but it keeps safe your earphone from the outer world. Cable is so beautiful as expected. It is ISN Audio S4 cable which is surprising for a stock cable, especially for its price tag. Cable is 4 braided SPC, it looks and feels premium. It is soft, tangle free, and the most important is, it sounds good. Termination, pins, y splitter are black and it is nice contrast with cable’s silver color. When I received the D10, the first thing I realized was its size. It is fairly smaller than the H40 and it provides better fit and ergonomics when you wear it. Body shape is exactly same as H40 except it is %30 smaller and color is different. It is very dark navy color but it is hard to see its original color, especially in low lights. Navy shells combinate with gold ISN logos on faceplate. Nozzle is pretty good in size not short nor long either. Like it’s big brother, it has also MMCX connectors. It feels secure and solid, you can switch between your aftermarket cables. Overall build and material quality are pretty high and it provides more than its price tag.




The D10 is a very exciting earphone in sound and I feel it since at the first second of my listening. My favorite frequency of the D10 is absolutely its thunderous bass frequency. Basically, bass is a bit more than my personal preference, but its performance is so impressive that you want to listen that bass slam all the time. Besides bass, the performance of treble is also impressive. You think that such powerful bass will dominate and suppress all frequencies, but the D10 does an extremely successful job here too. Treble is definitely not recessed or rolled off. It has a very well extended, clean and detailed presentation. As expected from V shape presentation mid frequencies are slightly recessed and laid back.

The treble is very detailed and the resolution is very good compared to this price band. The instrument separation is not competing with the totl level, but it can give headaches to many headphones in the $ 300 band. It has good extended and sparkled trebles and, I did not hear any sibilance or harshness with any source that I’ve listened to. The airy presentation in the treble also helps the soundstage to be opened, making the instrument distinction more successful. You can hear up to small vibrations in stringed instruments, which promises good performance in terms of micro detail.

Mid frequencies sit behind other frequencies due to V-shape presentation. I found its performance more successful in female vocals because the lower mids are not full bodied. Mids does not have a huge amount of detail and resolution, but I can say that it is very successful according to this price band. There is coloration in the mid frequencies as well as in instruments.

Bass performance of D10 is my favorite frequency. The bass is so powerful, it reminds me of Legend-X as soon as I listened and I can say that the bass is almost the same in quantity, as far as I remember. Although bass does not suppress and crush frequencies in general, I can say that it dominates the general sound character. It can also create a compression towards the lower mids. The sub-bass can go quite deep and creates a club atmosphere to your ear. Listening to music like EDM is incredibly enjoyable. I can easily say the amount of bass at bass-head level.

D10 has pretty wide soundstage and, it is easy to positioning instruments. Soundstage depth is also sufficient but not as good as width. Imaging and layering are above its price and provides clean and easy to hear instruments and vocals in stage.




D10 vs Final Audio E5000

Final Audio E5000 is a well-known model in the community and its easy to love the tuning, deserves its fame. Both earphones material and build quality are fantastic. Both have MMCX connectors with SPC cables. They have 1 single dynamic driver per inside. E5000 is stainless steel while D10 is made of acrylic. Both earphones are great in comfort but D10 provides much better sealing and isolation due to its design. E5000 needs some correction in ear every 20min or so if you are walking. Sound; E5000 is smooth, vivid and rich while D10 is more dynamic and energetic. D10 is better on sub-bass presence and it is more in quantity while E5000 is smoother and more rounded. D10 sub bass power is enormous and it is slightly slower than the E5000 but it doesn’t mess up with fast passages anyway. Mids are meaty and bold on E5000 and it has more smooth, natural presentation while D10 has slightly recessed and thinner on lower mids. Vocals are more pronounced and forward on E5000 and it feels narrower on stage. D10 is centered and slightly laid back on vocals but it has nice airy presentation. Trebles are more forward and detailed on D10. E5000 is smooth and creamy, but it is hard to catch the details at the same time. D10 provides better details and resolution in this sense. Soundstage is wider and deeper on D10 while E5000 has more limited present. E5000’s sound is overall more organic, smooth, dark and tube like while D10 is more lively, dynamic and excited.



D10 vs JH Billie Jean

It is going to be a balanced armature vs dynamic driver comparison but I would like to compare it. Billie Jean is 2 times expensive than the D10 and it has 2 balanced armature drivers per side while D10 has dynamic driver. Package content is similar with Billie Jean (BJ), it also comes with nylon carry case, various tips, cleaning tools. BJ is made with high quality ABS plastic and its body shape is slightly smaller than D10, but D10 provides better fit and seal on ears. BJ comes with flimsy plastic stock cable while D10 comes with S4 which is much more superior. Sound is similar but D10 has more on every frequency. BJ has quite strong and powerful bass but still it cannot match with D10. D10 hits more, goes deeper, and it is more dynamic. Dynamic driver is always my first choice in terms of bass performance and there is no compromise here too. Only thing that BJ is better on speed. It has better recovery time while D10 is noticeably slower. Both earphones have recessed mids. Low mids are more pronounced and it makes male vocals better on BJ. Vocals are slightly laid back and recessed on D10 while BJ has more forward and natural presentation. Trebles are more extended, sparkled and detailed on D10 which provides more resolution and micro details. BJ has smoother and easy-listening trebles. Soundstage is wider and deeper on D10 and instrument separation is better.



D10 vs Rhapsodio Saturn

Rhapsodio Saturn is a very interesting earphone and I like its creamy, vinly like sound. It has also 1 dynamic driver per unit. Saturn is pretty big in size but still it is good on seal and comfort. D10 takes advantage from its small size and it is one step better both comfort and seal. Saturn has the most smooth, relaxed IEM I’ve ever heard so far. Bass is smoother, warm and organic on Saturn and quantity is less than D10. It has good impact and power but it is not bass head earphone. D10 goes deeper, hits harder and has much more in quantity. D10’s thunderous bass is so exciting to listen and shows better performance on EDM like genres. Mids are lush, warm and forward on Saturn. It has tube-amp sound and vocals are velvet smooth. Trebles are more pronounced, extended, and sparkled on D10. D10 shows better technical performance and easy to hear micro details but also it is less organic and natural. Saturn is more realistic and easier to listen for long hours. Soundstage is better on D10, it is wider and deeper an also instrument placement are much better.



ISN Audio is a fairly new company, and the D10 is their second earphone I have reviewed. Like the H40, D10’s performance is definitely above its price. Dynamic, vibrant and fun with incredible bass power and detailed treble presentation that makes it great earphone for who loves its sound signature. Also, it has enough bass to make bass-heads makes happy. Material quality and workmanship are also at the top-notch level. The S4 stock cable also comes with D10 sold separately which is great. I can easily recommend the D10 to anyone who loves electronic music.


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